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We Want to Play Japan’s Dangerous Game of Bo-Taoshi

(via) I’m not 100% sure of the rules of the Japanese pole-toppling game of Bo-Taoshi, but it looks pretty simple. One team – the defenders – has to protect ‘the rider’ perched on top of a pole, while the other team – the attackers – has to not only knock the rider off but bring down the pole 30° to the horizontal. The rider’s job appears to be to kick everyone who comes near him in the face. There are 75 players per side. It looks brutal, like a cross between rugby and a zombie movie, and we’d like to play it just once.

Brave Birder on an E-Scooter Chases Down Dastardly Bike Thief

This bike thief had no idea what he was up against when he crossed paths with a guy looking for young family of crows.

Short Film Teases Reopening of Characteristically Noisy New York City

As case counts drop and vaccination numbers rise, the loud but comforting crush of urban life is coming back.

What Would Happen If an American President Authorized a Nuclear Missile Attack

Complex 571-7 is all that remains of the 54 Titan II missile sites that were on alert across the United States from 1963 to 1987.

Danish Vikings Discuss the Value of Wearing Helmets in This Clever Public Safety Ad

Just before sailing to England for a violent raid, a Viking leader is reminded by his community to protect his head.