You Should Know the Story of the Building at the Heart of Mount Pleasant

The 1947 scalene icon sits like a sphinx at the intersection of Main and Kingsway, hiding a sexy secret beneath its rough stucco.

The Oldest Part of Vancouver Might Not Be Where You Think It Is

Vancouver is often said to have begun at Hastings Mill at the foot of Dunlevy Street, but the area we now know as Marpole is just as old.

The Vancouver Park with the ‘Hobo Jungle’ Past

Before it was a magnet to beer league baseball players and dog walkers, this green space was home to a dump and a homeless camp.

Vancouver’s City Hall Destroyed The Original ‘Strathcona Park’ by Landing On It

There are two Strathcona Parks in Vancouver's history. The second is still in Strathcona. The first is long gone. Here's what happened.

You Should Know Vancouver Was the Last City on the Continent to Drive on the Left

The people of Vancouver woke up on New Year's Day in 1922 to a streetscape that was the same but forever changed.

Ghosts, Cults, Students and Art: the Bizarre History of the Fairacres Mansion

Long before it became the Burnaby Art Gallery, this comely pile on Deer Lake was home to a cult and a bunch of college kids.

How Lulu Island Got Its Sweet Name

True story: the island that grew into the City of Richmond was named after a teenaged American showgirl.

Where Icons & Giants Once Took the Stage in Vancouver’s West End

The Georgia Auditorium might be long gone, but the old concert hall will forever be a big part of our entertainment history.

Vancouver’s First Film and its Connection to the Titanic

110 years ago William Harbeck attached a 35mm film camera to the front of a Vancouver streetcar, Go-Pro style...

You Should Know About The First Time Vancouver’s Electric Lights Came On

A year after the Great Fire destroyed much of Vancouver in 1886, its recovering streets were lit with the newness of electricity.

You Should Know More About the Fascinating History of Lower Mount Pleasant

Lower Mount Pleasant was one of the first areas outside of Vancouver's downtown to be developed for residential use. First came houses, then came war. See what remains to this day...

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