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Vaccine Passports for Restaurants, Yes or No?

Discussions are already taking place in BC about introducing digital proof of vaccination to access reopened dining rooms.

Is Gastown’s Restaurant Scene Cooked?

All the recently shuttered restaurants in the neighbourhood will be replaced before long, but replaced with what?

Was ‘Cold Tea’ Appropriately Punished for Hosting a 100-Person New Year’s Eve Party?

In this poll we ask our readers to chime in on the $2,300 fine levied against the new Granville Strip restaurant.

Reader Poll

READER POLL // Should Restaurants Be Going Public About Possible Covid Exposures?

There is no established protocol for how restaurants should react when faced with possible Covid-19 exposures. Let's change that.

READER POLL // Are Local Restaurants Helping Health Officials With Contact Tracing?

The Provincial Health Order on contact tracing makes it sounds mandatory, but read carefully -- it's not.

Dining Out in a Pandemic — A Reader’s Poll

How have you been feeling about the reopening of our restaurants? Let us know by answering the following questions...