An American Bar Owner Found a Unique Way to Help Her Struggling Employees

Photo credit: Jennifer Knox

(via) Have you ever been to a bar or restaurant where part of the interior schtick is to let customers tape or staple dollar bills to the ceiling? That’s how they do (or did) at Jennifer Knox’s casual, beach-themed Sand Bar in the US state of Georgia. During the pandemic shutdown, those pinned bucks are coming in handy – all 3,714 of ’em.

So it’s because of you all who put up a dollar up, that we were able to give back to our people! We’ve been loving all the messages that are coming through about your memories with each ‘love note’! What are your memories of the dollars?!? You have pictures?! From every Sand Bar employee, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 100% of these dollars and donations are going to employees.

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