MIS EN PLACE PODCAST // Episode 1 — Culinary Futures, Real Talk With Local Cooks

Welcome to the Mis En Place podcast. Hosted by chef, restaurateur and Chefs Table Society president Robert Belcham, the podcast covers a variety of topics related to the complicated lives of the people who cook your food.

In this episode’s featured conversation, chef/host Robert Belcham talks about the changes coming (and needed) to education for the next-generation of professional cooks. His guests are Tony Minichiello, chef/owner of Northwest Culinary Academy (Vancouver, BC) and Bruce McAdams, Associate Professor at the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management at the University of Guelph (Guelph, ON).

Plus, it’s the debut edition of the Walk-in Confessional, a share-what’s-on-your-mind opportunity for chefs everywhere. First one in is well-known Vancouver chef/opinionator Robert Clark (C, The Fish Counter).

And Shawna Gardham, executive director of the Chefs’ Table Society of BC, offers a preview of a special event for all Canadian cooks, CooksCamp2020. Press play below and enjoy!

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