L’Abattoir’s Kristi Linneboe Does ‘The Dishes’

The Wine Director of Gastown's L'Abattoir takes us on a whirlwind tour of his favourite places to eat and drink.
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L’Abattoir’s Kristi Linneboe Does ‘The Dishes’

The Dishes asks Vancouverites to walk us through a map of their ideal day and night on the town. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner and late night cocktails. Tax and tip included.

For our latest edition of The Dishes we ask Kristi Linneboe, Wine Director at Gastown’s L’Abattoir, to take us on a personal culinary tour of Vancouver…

L'Abattoir 2178 Carrall St. MAP

Good morning! What’s for breakfast/brunch?

Breakfast and brunch are 2 different things. Let’s start with breakfast. I have a soft spot for all things bread and have the pleasure of working a block away from Nelson the Seagull in Gastown. You’ll often find me there eating avocado on toast (with a poached egg of course) or mowing an herbivore sandwich. I just recently discovered their chocolate chip sourdough…Danger Bay.

If I’m going out for brunch, I’ll make the trek over to Kitsilano to visit those sweet French boys at Au Comptoir. It’s always a toss up between the omelette and the Croque Madame.

Nelson The Seagull 315 Carrall St. MAP
Au Comptoir 2278 W 4th Ave MAP

Where should we meet for coffee/tea?

Best coffee in Gastown is DiBeppe. Hands down. The staff are all smiles and they indulge me in my attempt to speak Italian when I say my hellos and goodbyes. Sometimes Matthew sneaks around the curtain with a cheeky taste of Lambrusco as I’m downing an espresso. Grazie!

If I’m not pretending to be Italian, I’m visiting Kento and Rika at Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand. You can taste the love in every coffee.

Di Beppe 8 West Cordova St. MAP
Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand 425 Carrall St. MAP

Now we’re hungry again. What’s for lunch?

If I’m in the work hood, I’m heading over to Railtown for some eats at Belgard Kitchen (aka Vancouver Urban Winery). I am obsessed with their creamy tomato soup.

If I’m cruising over to Chinatown, you’ll find me at DD Mau. I love the room. And their chicken wings are out of control.

If I’m in East Van, I’m visiting Doug at DL Chicken. Best. Fried. Chicken. EVER. I just don’t understand how it’s so good. It’s SO GOOD.

And last but certainly not least, I’m heading over to Maenam in Kitsilano. Spicy, sour, salty, sweet. Authentic Thai food by the one and only Angus An. Every dish is an explosion of flavour but I’m ordering the spicy green curry every time.

Belgard Kitchen  55 Dunlevy Ave. MAP
DD Mau (Chinatown) 145 East Pender St. MAP
DownLow Chicken Shack 905 Commercial Dr. MAP
Maenam 1938 W. 4th Ave. MAP

Who has you figured out at Happy Hour?

I’m usually working during Happy Hour but if I’m late lunching or afternoon indulging on a day off, you’ll often find me at Nightingale. I’m obsessed with their Margherita pizza. And it’s only $12 for Happy Hour! The Somm team always finds me the perfect glass of wine (or 2) to accompany it.

Nightingale 1021 West Hastings St. MAP

Whose wine list never lets you down?

Chambar’s. They always have an amazing selection by the glass. I can never have just one glass. The room is beautiful. So are the staff. If I’m in Kitsilano, my vino vote is Annalena or Fiore Famiglia.

Chambar 568 Beatty St. MAP
AnnaLena 1809 West 1st Ave. MAP
Fiore Famiglia (Kits) 2603 West 16th Ave. MAP

What’s for dinner?

I’m usually working dinner service so I don’t get out much in the evenings. But when I do get a night off and it’s date night, I’m going to Savio Volpe. The service, the atmosphere, the food. It’s all on point. PG never disappoints.

Osteria Savio Volpe 615 Kingsway MAP

What’s for dessert?

If I’m not eating ice cream out of my freezer, I want pastries or pie. Beaucoup Bakery is legendary.

Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe 2150 Fir Street MAP

Where are you taking us for late night cocktails?

Take me to Juice Bar for a glass of vino! I love the hipster natural wine bar vibes — it feels like I’m in Europe. If I want a proper cocktail, I’m heading over to The Diamond. Those cats know how to make a drink. If I’m looking for vinyl while I sip a boozy beverage, I’m heading over to the Keefer Bar. If I’m at my home base in the West End, I’m heading over to the Bayside Lounge. Everyone knows I love the Bayside!

Juice Bar 54 Alexander St. MAP
The Diamond 6 Powell St. MAP
Keefer Bar 135 Keefer St MAP
Bayside Lounge 1755 Davie St. MAP

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