On Throwing All the Eggs and People Doing Really Bad Things on the Bus

Tea & Two Slices is a long-running local news round-up by NEEDS frontman and veteran dishwasher Sean Orr, who lives and works in Gastown, deeply aware of his privilege.

Vancouver councillor wants homelessness declared a humanitarian crisis. Imagine reading this and being like, “Nah, they made their bed so they can go ahead and lie in it.” Imagine voting against this? I mean, we had more sense of the social contract in Dickensian London.

Because it’s that kind of attitude that leads to this: 2 people attacked in tent without provocation by men with baseball bats. Oh wow, so editorial after editorial of poor bashing and someone takes matters into their own hands? Surprise, surprise. This is what happens when you normalize anti-poor rhetoric of Conrad Peach and the Soldiers of Odin the entire comments section of The Province.

Generally, there’s just no talking to them. But in the case of a Green New Deal, The Tyee puts forward an interesting point: How Would Our Wartime Conservative Leaders Have Acted on the Climate Crisis?

Hey, small-c conservative voter, can we talk? You, who take pride in your country and are committed to protecting your children and grandchildren. You, who have faith in our innovative capacity. You, who treasure good governance and care about national security. Yeah, you.

I mean, that’s probably more effective than my stance of guillotining billionaires, seizing and redistributing their assets, and just generally a total rethink of our relationship to ownership, work and capital…but this new strain of conservatism is impervious. Good luck, though!

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism: We asked 3 companies to recycle Canadian plastic and secretly tracked it. Only 1 company recycled the material. Remember, putting emphasis on recycling is misleading. Just 100 companies are responsible for 70% of the world’s emissions. The individualization of responsibility is a sham and distracts from the real culprits who continue to make record profits at the planet’s expense.

So, I’m sure you saw Scout’s photo essay of the Climate March but there was even something more beautiful that happened. Nazi enthusiast Brian Ruhe had a really bad day. Smashed camera at climate change strike.

Speaking of heroes: Arrest at Montreal climate strike after protester reportedly throws egg at Trudeau. Wait, why was the PM even there? To protest himself?

Is he going to be at this next event? Global Rebellion – Burrard Bridge Takeover.

Is he going to suggest we use blackface to dim the sun? Mo Dhaliwal: Global B.C. calls for conversation on blackface, then covers up blackface joke in its own newsroom. Ugh, the media is so fucking broken.

People’s Party of Canada uses photo of Japanese Canadian internment in ad against multiculturalism. We let this fucking guy into the debates? Jesus…

Reparations now: Names of children who died in residential schools to be released.

A special place in hell: Transit Police release grainy picture and video of female bus rider stealing phone from young male student in wheelchair.

Bonus: Wildlife photographer raises concern with photos of emaciated grizzlies.

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