Tripping Further Afield in and Around Victoria With Local Artist Andrea Soos

The local painter personally guides us on a day spent hitting up her favourite spots around Victoria and its beautiful surrounds.
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Tripping Further Afield in and Around Victoria With Local Artist Andrea Soos

Further Afield Trips asks a local in a town well beyond Vancouver’s city limits where to find the best places to eat, drink, chill, and have a good time. Think of it as the country cousin to The Dishes.

On this trip we meet up with Victoria-based painter, Andrea Soos, who will personally guide us to her favourite spots around the city and its beautiful surroundings.

Good morning! Let’s take a walk/hike in nature before it gets too hot. Where should we go?

“Mt Doug – a good hike to get you going in the morning.”

Mount Douglas
4500 Cedar Hill Rd.

Is there somewhere along the way we can stop for coffee?

“Parsonage Cafe. Roasting their own Fernwood Coffee, it’s my go to every morning.”

Parsonage Cafe
1105 Caledonia Ave.

Now we’re starving! Where should we eat? (breakfast/brunch or lunch)

“Little June on Gladstone in Fernwood – sister to the Parsonage and still in my neighbourhood. Love the grain bowl and the kitchen sink cookies are the best.”

Little June
1301 Gladstone Ave.

We’ve got some free time for an afternoon adventure. What do you suggest we do?

“Head to Chinatown to look at the local galleries and shopping – Fortune Gallery, FanTan Alley, Opus Art Supplies are all nearby.”

Fortune Gallery
537 Fisgard St.
Fan Tan Alley
Fan Tan Alley
Opus Art Supplies (Victoria)
512 Herald St.

That was fun! Now we need a pick-me-up plunge in some cool water. Can you let us in on your favourite nearby lake to cool off in?

“Arbutus Cove up by UVic. There are some secret areas that aren’t too populated and nice cool water to dip in.”

Arbutus Cove
4038 Locarno Ln.

Where should we head for a post-adventure beer, glass of wine or cocktail?

“Q Bar at the Empress Hotel has great energy, art and cocktails.”

Q at the Empress
721 Government St.

Now we’re hungry again. What’s the plan for dinner?

“Zambris – a guaranteed great meal.”

820 Yates St.

Any tips on a good spot to take in the view and watch the sun go down?

“Oak Bay Marina.”

Oak Bay Marina
1327 Beach Dr.

It’s time to catch some shuteye, where do you suggest we stay?

“Oak Bay Beach Hotel – beautiful pool and spa.”

Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Dr., Victoria

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