The Scout List, Vol. 536

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from Sept. 4 to Sept. 10, 2019.
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The Scout List, Vol. 536

From our calendar to yours comes this carefully considered agenda of cool things we are doing, wishing we could do, or conspiring to do in Vancouver from September 4 – September 10, 2019. Note that you can also get the Scout List – with a few extra pieces of intel included – sent to your inbox every Thursday. Sign up for your subscription in the sidebar.

ART | Clear some time on Saturday afternoon to swing by the Equinox Gallery for a double whammy opening reception for two great shows: new paintings and sculptures by artist Gathie Falk, and Leave the Window Open (works by BC Binning, Devon Knowles and Renée Van Halm). Can’t make the opening? Both shows are viewable until October 12. Equinox always puts on a good show! Find out more.

Sat, Sept. 7 | 2-4pm | Equinox Gallery #110 - 525 Great Northern Way MAP

SHARE | Fable Diner (Broadway & Main) has a fantastic “After-School Special” on right now: between 3 and 5pm you can slip into one of those comfy booths with your best pal and order up two classic milkshakes served with a side of fries for $10. Sounds like a deal to me (and a good reason to skip last block). Find out more.

Fable Diner 151 E. Broadway MAP

MAKE | One of the greatest ways to celebrate the mid-Autumn moon is to hit the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival (September 14). Event organizers do an outstanding job of decorating the trees, pathways, bushes and streams of the ravine while festival goers show up with their own lanterns to participate in a slow-moving procession of awesome. The Still Moon Arts society is holding a number of lantern-making workshops between now and the festival. Check out the list of days and styles of instruction being offered and get imaginative by making your own lantern. Next up: Fire and Water Lantern Workshop (September 7 & 9) followed by Mushroom Lantern Workshop (September 8 & 9). Love it! Find out more.

Sept. 7, 8, 9 | Slocan Park Fieldhouse | Slocan Park 2750 E 29th Ave MAP

NATURE | Ever walk through Stanley Park at night and feel slightly nervous about some rustling in the bushes? If you plan to wander the park after dark, the best thing to do is arm yourself with information. Hook up with Stanley Park Ecology Society peeps this Friday night for Nocturnal Creature Feature and get schooled on what might be lurking in the dark. From Stanley Park Ecology Society: ”When the sun sets on the Pacific coast, curious creatures rise to feed and play. Bats, beavers, coyotes, and owls… each are adapted to life in the dark, and a nighttime prowl is the best way to find them.” Once you’ve taken this informative walk, you’ll be much better equipped to anticipate park residents such as skunks, raccoons, coyotes and owls. Wear sensible footwear and come out a more informed city dweller. A travel mug with a warm beverage wouldn’t be a bad call either. Find out more.

Fri, Sept. 6 | 6:30pm | Stanley Stanley Park Nature House/Lost Lagoon | $10 Stanley Park Nature House MAP

GATHER | The Burrard Arts Foundation and the Vancouver Art Gallery have joined forces to bring Vancouver a visual treat. Façade Festival is a free, outdoor public art festival that brightens up the city with a rotating selection of art work projected over the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Georgia Street façade. This year, 10 BC contemporary artists were commissioned to create work for projection and two artists will premiere each night, September 8-12. Extra bonus: on September 13 and 14, the public will have the chance to see all projections. From the VAG: “This immersive art installation utilizes the innovative format of projection mapping to create a highly engaging, spatial experience for the public. It also provides an opportunity for the community to gather and enjoy art in a communal, accessible format reminiscent of an outdoor movie screening.” The weather is still warm. Don’t take it for granted. Get out there and gather in public spaces while you don’t need an umbrella! Find out more.

Sept. 8-14 | 7:30pm–midnight nightly | Vancouver Art Gallery | 750 Hornby St. MAP

FARM | Cows, wagon rides, clucking chickens, fresh vegetables and children running wild in the tall grass! Yessiree, the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust throws down this weekend with Day At The Farm, a family-friendly (and free!) chance for us city slickers to reconnect with the lands that feeds us. Held at Westham Island Herb Farm, the event will feature antique tractors,  horses plowing and farmers saying hi. Other cool things of note: a pie and jam contest; live music; food trucks and a mini-auction. Wear your farm shoes and bring your favourite reusable-bag for all the vegetables that you’ll want to take home. Find out more.

Sat, Sept. 7 | 10am-4pm | Westham Island Herb Farm. 4690 Kirkland Rd, Delta, BC V4K 3N2 MAP

BIRDS | Since you’re out on Westham Island already…why not make a day of it and hit the George C. Reifl Bird Sanctuary? Reifel is a protected habitat for migratory birds located at the northern end of the island. Even if you’re not into birds, there are few prettier places in the Lower Mainland to stretch your legs and breathe in some fresh air. Find out more.

Every day | 9am-4pm | Reifl Bird Sanctuary 5191 Robertson Rd, Delta, BC MAP

FINALLY! | Good news, the Flourist Mill + Bakery has finally opened. Skip over to the Commercial Street storefront to taste what a difference 100% traceable grains, beans, and freshly milled flour can make. Flourist co-founders Janna Bishop and Shira McDermott have been working hard on this project, show your support with a congratulatory wave and a smile (and order yourself up a slice of their pressed yogurt toast drizzled with honey and toped with crunchy BC hazelnuts and mint). It could be just the right spot for a Saturday brunch! Find out more.

7AM - 6PM | Flourist Mill + Bakery | 3433 Commercial St. MAP

CELEBRATE | Owning a small business is tough work. The Garden Strathcona just made it through their first year and they plan to mark the milestone with an appropriate amount of music, birthday cake and drinks this Friday night. If you’re in the hood, drop in to the Hasting St. cafe and community hub to raise a glass to this team and the end of their first year. Never been? If you don’t make Friday, this weekend is still a nice time to check it out. I’m not promising anything here, but The Garden is known to crank out some seriously delicious cupcakes for special occasions! Find out more.

Fri, Sept. 6 | 6-11pm | The Garden 868 East Hastings St. MAP

EAT LOCAL |  As always, the weekend is a good time to connect with farmers and friends at the Farmers Market. Take full advantage of late summer / early fall produce – grab your best reusable shopping bag and fill it to the brim with tasty apples, perfect plums, and as many pears as you can handle… this month is brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables (not to mention cheeses, artisan breads, preserves, honey, wild salmon, cookies, pies, eggs and pickles. Support the people who grow our food! Find out more.

Wednesday | 2pm - 6pm | Main Street Station | Main Street Station Farmer's Market MAP
Thursday | 3-7pm | šxʷƛ̓exən Xwtl’a7shn Square | 630 Hamilton St. MAP
Saturday | 9am-2pm | Trout Lake | Trout Lake Farmer's Market, Vancouver, BC, Canada MAP
Saturday | 9am-2pm | West End West End Farmers Market, Comox Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada MAP
Saturday | 10am-2pm | Riley Park | Riley Park, East 30th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada MAP
Sunday | 10am-2pm | Kits Community Centre | Kitsilano Farmers Market, Larch Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada MAP
Sunday | 10am-2pm | Mount Pleasant | Dude Chilling Park 2390 Brunswick St. MAP

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