On Fake Orgasms in Restaurants and Sipping Cocktails With San Francisco’s Rats

New York’s famed Katz’s Deli has announced plans to host an orgasm fake-off to mark the 30th anniversary of actress Meg Ryan’s unforgettably convincing performance over a sandwich in the 1989 film, When Harry Met Sally.

The world of collectibles is endlessly fascinating. Case in point: the people putting a premium on vintage packets of Kool Aid. Oh yeah!

Speaking of collecting, the next time you’re at the grocery store, take a moment to appreciate the artful stickers on your fruits and veggies!

Have you ever wondered if you can fix a broken sink with a package of ramen noodles? No? Well now you will and here’s your answer.

Priya Krishna shares a convincing argument for why low-fat yogurt is complete BS.

In case you missed it, Scout mapped out Vancouver’s best Whiskey Sours from South Granville to Main Street and Chinatown to Gastown.

Author and docu-series star Chef Samin Nostrat chats with NPR about personal identity, opening doors and balancing feedback.

Is it just me or does pretending to be campaigning for President seem like a long way to go just to steal a popsicle?

Chef Nina Compton pays tribute to New Orleans restaurant owner, chef and advocate Leah Chase.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @annie_eatsfood and this gorgeous tower of sashimi from Raisu that is the stuff sushi dreams are made of:

How underpaid grocery store employees in the US are fighting back against proposed increases to health care costs and reduced pension contributions.

Fairmont Airport Bartender and podcast co-host Mickey McLeod shares the three albums that define his musical tastes.

I’m all for our Catfe and can even get behind Tokyo’s recently opened pig cafe, but I think I’d have a hard time sipping cocktails in the company of rats

Eater explains why Portland continues to be one of the most important food cities in America, but it’s not for the over-covered, hipster-centric reasons you might think…

“Portland is still one of the most important food cities in America, and not just because so many of the restaurants are very good (which they are). It’s also the place where conversations about food, equity, and who 21st-century cities are for are happening most urgently.”

Kudos to our very own East West Market and their creative strategy for getting folks to move away from single use plastic.

While Canadians have been putting food delivery apps to good use, both restaurant owners and the platforms themselves are reporting thin margins.

A word of advice: don’t invite an alligator to your picnic this summer. He’ll probably just end up eating all the guac.

While the scourge of surface-level plastics in the ocean is well documented, scientists are just starting to learn about microplastics at greater depths and the effects they are having on the food chain.

How failing crops and dwindling food supplies are leaving families in Central America with an impossible choice.

“So the paradox is that American carbon emissions are partly responsible for wretchedness in Guatemala that drives emigration, yet when those desperate Guatemalans arrive at the U.S. border they are treated as invaders.”

Loving the new Fantasy Food Column from the folks at The Takeout wherein staffers draft different food items. On deck this week- ice cream toppings!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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