On Chip Wilson’s Erection Problem and Paying Young People Less

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Hey so I’ve been on a vacation through a bunch of Red States in America so I’m glad to be back to Vancouver where it’s totally normal…Oh dear god what the actual fuck is this? Are Erections Important? By Chip Wilson. I thought this would get taken down but…wait for it…it’s still up.

Cameron Crillz sums it up: “What’s up Gen-Xers! It’s me Chip Wilson. I just started this cool new web page called a blog. I’m going to post my views and opinions on there. They’re pretty alternative (like the music I listen to). Also it’s in gigantic font.”

UPDATE: Someone must have told him that he is an even more inept “thinker” than Jordan Peterson and that he’s late to the incel/MRA/Red Pill party. Why? Because the erection post is down. What a boner! Life is hard eh Chip? Don’t worry, someone put it on Youtube and did the impossible by making it even creepier.

Also, on my trip to what I thought would be the desert, it snowed in the Grand Canyon and there was a torrential downpour in Death Valley. I know the difference between weather and climate, but there is no way that Powell River should be hotter than Death Valley at any time of year: Dear Journalists of Canada: Start Reporting Climate Change as an Emergency. Don’t laugh at me, but I did a meditation at Joshua Tree and I envisioned what it would look like if we were to take this seriously. Like, what would relocating the entire city of Miami look like? How are we going to protect Richmond?

We’re looking at you Global. “Smoke Season” is not a thing. It’s called climate catastrophe:


Hey, so did the BC Liberals say anything mind-blowingly out of touch while I was gone? Answer: BC Liberal MLA Says Child Labour is Needed to Prevent South Asian Kids From Joining Street Gangs.

Look at the gangs we have in this province. Look at the social issues we have with kids that are sitting around on a Friday night and a Saturday night that have never even contemplated getting a job. What do they do? They get mixed up with some kids that are maybe into the bad end of town. ‘Let’s go do this. Maybe we’ll do a B&E at a local convenience store or something.’ This is where kids get into a bad way by not getting into the fact that they have a job at a young age.”

Like I needed to feel even worse cheering for the Canucks: Guatemalan workers accuse management of harassment at Aquilini blueberry farm. Harsha Walia:

One of the richest men in Canada, including owning Canucks team and Rogers Arena. This billionaire’s wealth is built on exploitation of migrant farmworking women. Capitalism is a trickle *up* system and relies on racist border controls to keep workers as precarious and disposable ‘foreign workers”.

“Mr. Aquilini told them if they don’t work and bring 15 pounds of blueberries, he wouldn’t let them have water.”

I’d like to see Harsha Walia and Aquilini go at it on the ice between periods in those giant sumo suits.

Related: Lyft warns BC on path towards less affordable and reliable ridesharing.

David Black:

As I predicted Lyft is now saying that if they have to comply with basic safety laws in BC they probably won’t operate here.

Let’s get it straight, this business model which has never made any money, requires jurisdictions to either reduce or ignore safety standards and basic employment protections so that these huge multi-nationals can come in to drive down wages.

My work here is done: Poll Shows Most British Columbians Blame Corporate Greed for High Gas Prices, Not Taxes. The greedy suits at the Fraser Institute be like:

Ah yes, the fabled “free market”: Government subsidies for business are greater than Canada’s entire defence budget. That’s kind of a weird metric to show the spoon-fed Canadian corporate welfare safety net. I’m pretty sure we spend more on Moose Droppings than we do on the defence budget.

Talk about milking the system: B.C. woman sparks online backlash after donated breast milk sold. Mothers everywhere are expressing their frustration. (I’m so sorry.)

Solidarity: Updated: Port employers to lock out union Friday. “Automation does not grow business. What it does is ruin the working class environment.”

Bonus: Restaurant owner vows to keep paying youth $15 an hour despite minimum wage change.

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