Remembering the Short-Lived, Seafood-Focused Wildebeest Cousin Near Kits Beach

The ever-evolving Restaurant Graveyard series looks back at the countless, long-shuttered establishments that helped to propel Vancouver’s food and drink forward. Full A-Z with maps and photos here. May they never be forgotten!

Supermarine didn’t last nearly as long as many wished it would, shuttering in the summer of 2016 just one year (almost to the day) after it opened at 1685 Yew St. just up from Kits Beach. Owned by James Iranzad and Josh Pape, the casual 36-seater was the conceptual, seafood-focused cousin of their meaty, award-winning Wildebeest restaurant (which remains a popular draw in Gastown to this day). From my notes at the time:

“Exemplar dishes include bone-roasted skate wing with white polenta and field mushroom marmalade; tempura-battered snow crab with pomme puree, bok choy, and fresh crab salad; lobster bao buns with pickled cucumber and spiced black garlic bisque; and house spaghetti vongole with spicy bread crumbs. It’s a deep menu, and a salivating delight to read.”

Pape and Iranzad closed it to test-fly another concept – Lucky Taco – in the same address. They did so under the auspices of their umbrella company, Gooseneck Hospitality, which also operates Bells & Whistles and Bufala (in addition to Wildebeest). Prior to Supermarine, the location was for many years home to a much-loved late-night hangout called Abigail’s Party. Previous to Abigail’s Party, it was home to a popular breakfast spot called Tangerine.

These images of Supermarine were taken on opening night in July, 2015.

  • Exterior, day before opening
  • Interior detail
  • Tempura snowcrab with pomme puree, bok choy, crab salad
  • Bar - I dig its new orientation, especially its recessed corner
  • Communicating through the pass.
  • Octopus chips with bravas-style potatoes
  • Looking down the length of the room
  • Chef Jacob Deacon-Evans gets ready for service
  • Housemade spagehtti vongole with spicy bread crumbs
  • Interior detail
  • Cocktails were predictably superb
  • Friends and family
  • Looking down on the bar
  • Vegetable Tony Danza with roasted cukes, warm summer veg salad, mascarpone grits, smoked garlic vinaigrette, pea tips
  • Interior looking towards the bar from the entrace
  • Bone-roasted skate wing with white polenta and field mushroom marmalade
  • Tight branding by Erin Sinclair
  • Executive Chef Jacob Deacon-Evans
  • Co-owner Josh Pape working the pass
  • Menus at the entrance
  • Prawn cocktail with roasted corn ranch
  • Interior, looking towards the entrance and kitchen pass from the bar
  • Josh at the pass
  • Co-owner James Iranzad with guests
  • First guests arrive.
  • Menus organised.
  • Exterior, signage detail
  • Interior detail

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