This Cabin Is Nowhere Near As Rustic As It Looks

With our cities now so laughably unaffordable, thousands of British Columbians are stuck imagining wonderful homes instead of living in them. Spaced is a record of our minds wandering the world of architecture and design, up and away from the unrewarding realities of shoebox condos, dark basement suites, sweet f~ck all on Craigslist and three levels of government that couldn’t give a damn.

(via) Swiss design firm Rapin Saiz Architects designed this small cabin on a Sarreyer hillside. From the outside, it looks like ramshackle relic of a bygone era, perhaps even a ruin that isn’t entirely liveable, but on the inside it’s as modern and comfortable as can be.

Just up the timber steps and through the sliding door is an oak-panelled kitchen and dining area illuminated by irregularly-shaped and oddly positioned windows (which can all be opened in summer to allow for cleansing and cooling cross-breezes). Beneath the main floor is a mostly below-ground basement that functions as the hangout room. It is made especially cozy by a wood-burning fireplace and a bath. At the top of the deceptive little building is the sleeping loft, which has a skylight and room enough for a family of four.

If we could lift it up and put it somewhere in BC, we’d choose as isolated a spot as we could find within a half hour of Pemberton.

– Photos by Lionel Henroid –

  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-01-2880x2160
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-03-1440x1919
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-06-1440x1921
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-07-1440x1921
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-10-1440x1920
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-11-1440x1083
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-13-1440x1920
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-14-1440x1920
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-16-1440x1920
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-18-1440x1080
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-19-1440x1797
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-24-1440x1921
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-25-1440x1921
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-27-1440x1925
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-29-1440x1921
  • ignant-architecture-rapin-saiz-sarreyer-cabin-32-1440x1080

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