On the Rise of Japanese Gin and Using the Word ‘Crack’ to Sell Deliciousness

Canada’s best 100 restaurants were announced this past week with St. Lawrence cracking the top 10 and a dozen other Vancouver restaurants making the list.

A candid picture of one bartender’s experience with addiction and his decision to get sober.

A follow-up article from Eater unpacking recent episodes of cultural appropriation by white chefs and owners opening Chinese restaurants.

Vinepair on the recent rise in Japanese gin distilling and how the unique iteration of the spirit is finding its way around the world.

NPR interviews Kwame Onwuachi about a recently published memoir which explores his experience working in fine dining as a young black chef.

“…Onwuachi’s memoir is not a simple story about triumph in the face of poverty and struggle. It’s also a meditation on what goes on behind that perfect façade — what it is like to be a black man in this rarefied world.”

A number of Canadian start-ups are entering into the lab-grown meat industry to remain competitive in a growing market.

Meanwhile, The Atlantic looks at some of the obstacles standing in the way of companies pursuing this new venture.

And while you don’t have to become a vegan to effect climate change, cutting down on meat consumption will be critical part of addressing the issue.

Scientists says it’s a bad idea to let your kids use iPads in restaurants:

Screens during meals rob kids of opportunities to improve language and communication skills (storytelling, making jokes, etc.), as well as to develop patience and even imagination as they entertain themselves waiting for food to arrive. Meals are an opportunity to connect, to learn more about and enjoy each other. They solidify the bonds that will pay dividends for the rest of our lives. We squander that opportunity when we stick a screen in front of our kids during dinner.

From Crispy Crunch and ketchup chips to Caramilk and Coffee Crisp, Saveur shares a few of their favourites snacks only available on our side of the border.

Shannon Mustipher’s Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails is the first cocktail book written by an African-American bartender in more than 100 years.

While many cocktail bars still ascribe to a seasonal menu, Punch asks if the practice is still relevant or even necessary.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @sidewalkhustle because after a long weekend, we’re going to need all the pour overs:


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After much feedback from food critics and customers alike, acclaimed New York bakery Milk Bar is changing the name of its signature pie.

Similarly, Eater looks at the history of the restaurant industry’s problematic use of the word “crack” to sell food.

“The food industry appears to have reached a turning point in its indulgent history of using the term “crack” to sell food. Milk Bar renaming the Crack Pie — perhaps the most recognizable “crack” food product in America — is a major win for critics who rightly complained that people were profiting off a joke about a serious drug epidemic that disproportionately impacted poor, primarily black communities.”

In the most recent instalment of Scout’s How To Cook Vancouver series, Maciel tries her hand at recreating Acorn’s deep-fried halloumi.

New legislation from the Democrats is attempting to address sexual harassment in the workplace and could have a profound impact on the hospitality industry.

Bon Appetit has launched a coast-to-coast celebration of Italian-American restaurants and the infamous red sauce they serve up.

How the need for efficiency is impacting the way bartenders are serving up cocktails.

This week in drinks and podcasts: Reply All co-host PJ Vogt discusses his Diet Coke addiction.

How some chefs are using the pop-up dinner as an outlet for activism.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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  1. Totally. Been a long-standing issue in the good/bev industry. Glad to see some folks are starting to listen and make necessary changes.

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