On Giving Opium Tea a Try and Having Little in Common With Alberta

Tea & Two Slices is a long-running news round-up by NEEDS frontman and veteran restaurant dishwasher Sean Orr, who lives and works in Gastown. He is very aware of his privilege, so there’s really no need to remind him of it.

Vancouver moves forward on $3.8 billion subway extension to UBC. I’m torn on this. As an ELMTOT it makes sense to extend the line to the biggest university in BC but also, can you really “promise to not repeat mistakes of the past when it comes to rampant land speculation and impact on businesses”? Patrick Condon isn’t so sure.

I wish the BC Liberals could lose an election everyday: Greens decry NDP ‘fear campaign’ as party’s vote share collapses from 2017 election. I seem to recall that Weaver was doing his share of fear mongering.

The Georgia Straight suffered a weird “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment, calling the Nanaimo by-election wrong at 9pm:


Ottawa may have overpaid for Trans Mountain by up to $1B, parliamentary budget officer says. Remember, the 4.5 billion was for the old pipeline. One that was in fact valued at 550 million in 2007. As usual, the CBC is way off the mark.

Go Svend! NDP candidate doubles down on LNG opposition despite leader’s support. Bold, but as my friend Nick points out, resource extraction is under provincial jurisdiction so its kind of moot. For the record, I hope Jagmeet Singh loses and Svend takes over the party. There, I said it.

Wow, even more good news: Supreme Court rules energy companies must clean up old wells — even in bankruptcy.

Ladies, gentlemen, non-binaries, I give you the worst person in British Columbia: Langley woman launches human rights complaint against B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. “The complaint singles out Morgane Oger as the woman in the other stall…” Well then, from Morgane herself:

I agree, Kari Simpson needs reasonable access to single-occupancy washrooms if she is unable to share the women’s restrooms with women.

Despite her debilitating “condition”, Ms. Simpson still needs to pee.

Unfortunately, our nation’s building codes could have done a better job accomodating Ms Simpson’s needs by mandating single-stall universal washroom spaces in all buildings. Given her unique organizing acumen, I encourage Kari Simpson to advocate vigorously for universal single-stall washrooms to help meets the needs of all Canadians who like her are unable to use single-gender multi-stall wasroom spaces.

Poor Ms. Simpson deserves our sympathy and support on this one (and only) issue as she navigates a society no longer designed exactly as she wishes it was. We can’t all adapt to the 21st century.

Amazing. And remember folks, the bathroom predator myth is made up.

Dana Larsen: Opium tea will end the overdose crisis. While I’m sceptical of panaceas I say we give this one a try.

Cascadia now? British Columbians identify more with people in Washington State than Alberta (STUDY).

Weather of the day: ‘Hole-punch’ clouds spotted over B.C. skies.

Canadian collector revealed as buyer of Supreme skate decks archive. It’s a totally normal thing that a teenager can afford to drop $800,000 on this.

Bonus: Massive faux chateaux development sits empty after developer goes bankrupt.

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