Hotel Chain Offers New Babysitting Service For Guests’ Instagram Accounts

(via) Travelling and Instagram go hand in hand. The trouble is the latter can get easily in the way of the former. Instead of savouring the sights, all too often they’re spoiled in frustrated attempts to capture them. And for what? To further service an edited, commodified version of the self in the name of ‘likes’ and new followers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could outsource such a bullshit headache?

European hotel chain Ibis appears to have figured this out. For the month of November they’ve offered a new service called Relax, We Post. It leases ‘social media sitters’ to their guests staying at their properties in Geneva and Zurich:

“Enjoy your city trip without digital stress. Our Social Media Sitter takes care of your Instagram profile. And you can explore the city in peace.”

In other words, guests temporarily abdicate control of their accounts by paying a stranger to post on their behalf (starting at just over $100 CAD); essentially hiring a babysitter for the facet of their egos that thinks this is somehow a good idea. The otherwise brilliant ad promoting the service feels like it’s in on the absurdity of it all, seemingly celebrating that this is indeed the world we are currently living in, bizarre insecurities and all:

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