Five Reasons We’re Stoked for East Van’s Upcoming ‘Krampusmarkt’

Beer plus shopping equals one of our favourite combinations, but that’s not the only reason why we’re super into Strange Fellows’ Krampusmarkt craft and maker fair, which goes down at the brewery from December 6th to 8th.

Just like the brewery itself, the list of vendors involved in this Krampus (not ‘Christmas’) market are an unconventional bunch. We’ve scoured the roster to select just five vendors who we’re counting on to help us check off the more discerning oddball friends and family members on our holiday lists…ourselves included.


We love books, and this local artist has quite the way with the written word. Purcell combines assemblage, collage and sculpture to create three dimensional paper artworks that literary lovers and art enthusiasts can appreciate. You really need to see these in-person to get the full scope of the intricate and meticulous work that goes into each one.



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Each piece of Black Solv jewellery is handmade in East Van, and is inspired by a combination of architecture, nature and sci-fi. The latter two are especially apparent in the silver and quartz “Nectar” ring, and we imagine that rocking one probably feels pretty powerful.


This one is a no-brainer, since Christine Moulson is also the artistic half of Strange Fellows Brewing and is responsible for the brewery’s awesome branding, which we’re huge fans of (as evidenced by this recent interview we did with her). We’re super excited to see what else she’s been up to!



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We’re pretty excited to see the hand-built ceramic platters and shadow boxes by this Quebec-based artist. Her dreamy, washed-out aesthetic reminds us a bit of our favourite childhood storybooks, but maybe that’s just our holiday nostalgia speaking? Either way, a piece of Villarreal porcelain would be a nice addition to our ever-growing ceramics collection.



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Danielle’s designs are hand-embroidered using real metallic thread and silk. They range from natural to out of this world. Personally, we’d love a little gold-and-black bumblebee or some coiled serpent bling pinned to our favourite sweater!

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