Delicious Scenes From a BC Winery’s First Longtable Dinner in 12 Years

Once upon a time when it was just starting out, Joiefarm would host cooking classes and outdoor longtable feasts to make its first vintages possible. From those famously decadent, memorable classes and dinners came chef/winemaker Heidi Noble’s award-winning Menus From an Orchard Table, which remains – in my opinion – arguably one of the best Canadian cookbooks of all time.

You can imagine my excitement then when it was announced that the Naramata winery was going to lay out the linens for another dinner in the orchard, Heidi’s first in twelve years, this time in collaboration with fellow chefs Lina Caschetto and Brian Skinner, serving up dishes paired with Joiefarm’s uniquely superlative wines (full menu above).

Though diners/drinkers couldn’t see the opposite side of the nearby lake at times on account of all the wildfire smoke, it focused our attentions back to the table, where it deserved to be. Take a look…


  • Joie
  • Joie
  • Joie
  • IMG_2457
  • IMG_2340
  • Long Table at Joie
  • IMG_2360
  • Joie
  • IMG_2362
  • IMG_2561
  • IMG_2429
  • IMG_2509
  • IMG_2633
  • Joie
  • IMG_2519
  • Joie
  • Joie
  • Joie
  • IMG_2733
  • IMG_2578
  • Joie
  • IMG_2748
  • IMG_2774
  • IMG_2964
  • Joie
  • IMG_2863
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