On the Art of Eating Alone and No Soup for Senate Majority Leaders

Remember that restaurant in Virginia that refused to serve White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Well, it re-opened this week to some serious protests.

But as it turns out, Sanders doesn’t have a monopoly on getting heckled at restaurants. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was confronted by a group of protestors outside a Louisville eatery last week.

And Trump’s immigration ghoul Stephen Miller tossed his meal in the garbage after being heckled by a DC bartender, who chased him (and his sushi takeout) out to the street shouting profanities.

Unrelated (sort of): a longread on the art of eating alone.

“When you’re not sitting across from someone, you’re sitting across from the world.”

And now…a roadside food vendor who can dip his hands into his boiling pakora oil without burning them.

In the wake of a restaurant press release touting space design and not much else, author Corey Mintz argues that we have effectively ruined the concept of food as we know it.

“A wedding speech about the design with a footnote about the food. And I knew I didn’t need to read another restaurant news release again. That this one was either a harbinger of the direction our dining culture is headed, or the singing canary announcing that the coal mine has undergone an extensive renovation under its new owners and is now taking reservations, but good luck getting a table once social media gets a load of how well-conceived the lighting in the bathrooms is for selfies.”

If you have a trip to Portland planned for this summer, consider stopping by Kachinka – the second Russian-inspired restaurant from the folks that brought you the award-winning Kachka.

Scout shares their picks for the best fried chicken around town. There’s a reader poll attached to the feature, and Commercial Drive’s new DownLow Chicken Shack is currently in the lead. Don’t forget to weigh in on your favourites!

And speaking of fried chicken, Juke will be opening a new spot in the West End by the end of summer, so that’s good!

The Globe and Mail’s Alexandra Gill sings the praises of Royal Dinette’s new executive chef Eva Chin.

Much & Little owner Sarah Savoy shares her favourite spots to eat and drink around town.


Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @vancouverfoodiez and a sky-high seafood boil:

In ironic but predictable news this week, Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is looking to hire 61 temporary foreign workers to staff its restaurant.

New tariffs on American whisky have distillers in the US concerned about the impact of a trade war on their distribution worldwide.

This week in concerning trends: the automation of the restaurant industry. Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that this article fails to mention anything about future job loss.

Saveur Magazine is opening up their nominations for the best food and drinks blogs of 2018. Now’s your chance to weigh in on some of your favourites.

We’ve finally made it to prime daiquiri season and Imbibe has some solid intel on which rums you should use to shake up this classic.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to indulge in an ice-cream cocktail in which case, Punch takes a deep-dive into the colourful history of some of these delectable nightcaps.

This month’s Bon Appetit horoscope comes complete with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream recommendations.

Punch shares the story of an unassuming dive bar in Brooklyn that has become the hub for New York City media.

“Located in the middle of Brooklyn, Sharlene’s is hardly central. It’s nowhere near The New York Times Building or any of the big publishing houses. Yet at a time when several political and social catastrophes strike daily, when media jobs are disappearing and those that remain are becoming more precarious, spaces that exist outside of any existing narrative about these industries aren’t just a respite—they’re a breeding ground for solidarity.”

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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