On the Terrors of Toxic Masculinity and Cops Not Pulling Triggers

After the attack in Toronto, those in echo chambers were quick to slap labels. Terrorism or mental health? Pathology or ideology? But while those distinction are probably useless as there is often much overlap, we need to understand that misogyny is an ideology and it is terrorism: Facebook post connected to suspect in van rampage cites ‘incel rebellion’.

The fact that Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says this attack does not represent a threat to national security is insulting to every single woman in this country. Toxic masculinity kills. Why are we so unwilling to address this? Why are we so quick to blame mental health and the internet?

“Deflecting this to be about not understanding mental health is the type of gaslighting that got us here, and you’re not the first or last person to drive the conversation away from the point. Femicide is a leading cause of death for us. It’s too late to jump to a conclusion, that’s my point. Mental health is statistically more an issue for women and yet we do not commit these crimes”. – Sarah Szloboda

Perhaps the most glaring thing to come out of this is our fawning over the cop who didn’t murder the guy: Toronto van attack: The cop who didn’t shoot. To paraphrase David Cross: I don’t blow my load when the kid at McDonalds gets my order right.

Look, I get it, we want to be better as a nation. We want to pride ourselves on not being them. But it’s a straw and we are grasping. And yes, well done Toronto for not being intimidated and going out in the street to watch hockey. But we can’t rest on patriotism when our country is built on white supremacy. We need to ask the difficult questions, not rest on our laurels.

One of those people asking the tough questions, Nora Loreto, who faced death threats for wondering out loud if there would be a national outpouring of grief if the Humbolt players were native, is once again the voice of reason:

But we are surprised. We’re surprised because they shot Sammy Yatim 9 times. An 18 year old on a bus with a pocket knife who killed no people. And so yes, we have to ask, would the police have shot him if he was brown or black?

“It’s not this pig’s intentions that are at question, it’s the role police have in enforcing oppression. Yes there are likely a lot of police officers who are nice usual folk like you who can smile and hug their parents. But they’re intentions don’t matter when they actively sign up to perform a job that trains them to use racial bias in situations where you have the power to end someone’s life. It’s the same racial bias that kept this white man alive and it’s the same racial bias that will kill POC today, tomorrow and the next day”. – Dan Unger

So what exactly is an ‘incel’? Should they be on a terror watchlist, and how do we tell them that the same patriarchy we want to smash is responsible for their unhappiness and not women? What Is an Incel? A Term Used by the Toronto Van Attack Suspect, Explained.

Meanwhile, the white man that murdered 6 innocent muslims was a huge fan of Trump: Bissonnette was a far-right internet junkie whose addiction turned him into a killer. Remember not to blame the internet though. It’s just a mirror of an already toxic society.

Speaking of fans of Trump:

Love trumps hate: Soldiers of Odin among those at duelling SOGI 123 rallies outside BCTF building in Vancouver. So this Hitler cosplay fetishist Brian Ruhe was also at the Hands Off Syria event the other week. I was loathe to even give him the attention because he’s a quack, but I really should have knocked the guy out when I had the chance.

I can’t believe this is real: ‘Safe space’ for white men offered at SF diversity workshop. Literally everywhere and every time period in the known universe is a safe space for white men.

Satire of the day: Annual ‘white folk getting away with what would get Indigenous, black folk arrested, jailed’ event kicks off across continent. I was in Washington for 4/20 and was having a conversation about this. If everyone that is currently in jail for possession – a disproportionate amount of them black men – aren’t released, then your legalization is a sham.

Was Vancouver park board’s reaction to 4/20 overblown? It’s a common view on social media. This is why you don’t vote for the Green Party everyone.

This is huge. I’ve been saying that the housing crisis and the fentanyl crisis were linked but I meant more in vague “I sound like I’m smart” way: Jon McComb: A public inquiry is the antidote to Canada’s money-laundering problem. Too expensive? Vaughn Palmer is an idiot. People are dying. Get your head out of your ass.

Bar and restaurant workers to get minimum wage hike in B.C.. I’ll quote an actual restaurant owner on this one. Brandon Grossutti:

Without legislation or collusion amongst all owner operators as to tipouts I fear that will be the case. The standard tipping model and payout to BOH and or house and mgmt will have to change somehow. When this was introduced in Seattle it came with state legislation that brought tips into income of the restaurant and was distributed after tax. This seems a little half baked by the province. If they believe a server is in poverty it’s because of what a server declares in income. Which is generally a small amount of their tips.

Best new Instagram: Cherry Blossom Madness.

Craigslist of the day: Penis Measuring.

Bonus: Fury as unemployed parents living off the state have ANOTHER baby.

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  1. I’m actually losing it at that photo of the park board chair inspecting the grass… just… aahhhh wow

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