On Caffeinating Confusion and Cutting Up Deer Legs in Front of Vegan Protestors

Toronto chef Michael Hunter took the nuclear option when dealing with vegan protesters outside his restaurant last week by carving up a deer leg in the front window. The subsequent increase in reservations was an unexpected but welcome side effect.

Meanwhile, Drake has recently announced that he has gone vegan and Toronto has crowned him the Kale King.

But speaking of deer, Munchies explores the increasing presence of game meat in North American restaurants despite numerous laws in the US that prevent the serving of genuine wild game.

In case you missed it, Diageo Reserve & World Class Global Cocktailian and Bittered Sling Bitters co-proprietor Lauren Mote dished on her favourite spots to dine and drink around town in this quickie interview.

Science can’t quite make up its mind on the health benefits of coffee. One month it’s protecting against Alzheimer’s and the next it’s causing cancer. Stop toying with our caffeine-addicted emotions!

Watch out, Donald Trump! Eating well done meat may have detrimental health consequences for consumers.

The New York Times pays homage to Ruth Wakefield, the prolific talent behind the chocolate chip cookie.

Office politics have never been as riveting as they were this past Friday when the case of a stolen lunch took centre stage on Twitter.

A headline plucked straight from the film Footloose: this California bar is embroiled in a legal battle all because its patrons like to hit the dance floor.

“….Encinitas passed a No Dancing ordinance in 1986 that city councilmen hoped would prevent strip clubs and dance clubs from being built in the city, or to “dissuade people from behaving lewdly” in the city’s bars and restaurants. More than 30 years later, that ordinance still exists, and if bar patrons start moving rhythmically to the music, the bar’s owners could face a four-figure fine.”

Sons of Vancouver has just released their Blue Curacao, and with only 500 bottles on offer, I’d consider heading to the distillery ASAP.

Mother Jones is asking you to weigh in on if and how your relationship to restaurants has changed in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

The fine folks of Union Gospel prepared to serve over 3,000 meals across three locations for the Easter long weekend. Amazing!

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @jackymchui because every long weekend should end with a brunch this beautiful:

Mia Stainsby reports: a drive over to North Van is worth the trek to dine on delicious food at Maru Korean Bistro.

The definitive ranking of easter candy from the folks at Munchies. Guard your leftover mini eggs with your life!

How corporations are increasingly keeping their eye on an ever-growing edibles industry.

How one California restaurant is using a colour coding system to fight sexual harassment in the workplace.

We may have lost Lucky Peach but a new breed of food magazines has popped up to help fill the void.

“….a wave of small, sophisticated print magazines, produced on a shoestring by young editors with strong points of view and a passion for their subjects — from the subtleties of regional Thai home cooking to the intersection of food and queer culture.”

Crispr – the newest innovation in genetically modified foods – will be hitting the shelves soon in US markets. And if you’re wondering what the heck Crispr is, this podcast episode from Radiolab offers a solid explanation.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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