On Campfire Knife Fights and Albertans Equating Crude With Cabernet

Nanaimo stand up! Justin Trudeau shouted down, people hauled off at raucous Nanaimo town hall. Best heckle by far: “Show us your yoga!”

Again, Trudeau comes across like a petulant rich boy who isn’t getting his way, leveraging his settler colonial program with calls for decorum. You stole this land, you lied, you do not get an easy ride. Also, his claim that we must choose between the economy and the environment is a false dichotomy. Clean energy is good for both. Bitumen is not.

So now he’s holding the environment hostage, essentially saying he won’t do anything to protect the environment if anyone tries to stop him from destroying it: No carbon cuts or ocean protection without pipeline, Trudeau says.

Meanwhile, Albertans are being very Albertan about the whole thing: Fort McMurray, Alta., restaurant refuses to serve B.C. wine after proposed bitumen ban. Ok…first off, we don’t have a bitumen ban. There is already a goddamned Kinder Morgan pipeline that pumps 300,000 barrels a day. Second, if you’re going to be that childish about it we’ll just boycott your beef.

Amazing: NDP’s Don Davies calls on Liberal government to “abandon the failed war on drugs” and decriminalize narcotics. Even if this is a long way from happening, good on Don Davies for shifting the Overton window and normalizing the prospect of ending prohibition.

It would also go a long way to ending the moralization of the crisis: How Depressing Overdose Stats Could Derail Opioid Crisis Progress. “To avoid shutting down the conversation, Dembicki says it helps to move away from moral framing. There has to be some incentive to fix the problem beyond “It’s the right thing to do”.

Busy week in BC politics. First the ICBC crisis, in which calls from the hoi polloi to disband the “monopoly” are doing exactly what Christy Clark wanted. Second, “congratulations to the BC Liberal Party on electing Odo, from Deep Space Nine, leader of their party” – Dock Currie. Third, Dave Barrett, a visionary progressive, passed away.

“People don’t realize, but they passed a new law every three days that they were in government. I talked to him one time about what his biggest accomplishments were, and he didn’t say the agricultural land reserve or ICBC, he said protecting Cypress Bowl from development.

“I didn’t even realize he’d done Cypress Bowl. Robson Square, the SeaBus, the highest minimum wage in Canada at the time. Mincom, minimum income standards for seniors. The first daycare program in the history of British Columbia. More (social) housing built ever than in any other period in British Columbia — government housing, co-op housing, public housing.

Cool, now we have a faux progressive NDPer undoing his great legacy: NDP Retains Former Fraser Institute Director as Top Civil Servant.

“What it tells me is the new government is more in tune with the Liberals than they are with say the Dave Barrett NDP government that I was part of. That means there’s been a major shift in NDP party philosophy over the past 30 or 40 years, to the point where they are now almost indistinguishable from Liberals.” – former BC NDP MLA Harold Steeves

Yikes. Meanwhile: B.C. to ban the sale of pot in liquor stores, allow landlords to ban home-grown grass. Wait, what? Will landlords also be given the power to ban tenants from growing their own food or other plants?

Also confusing: Could bigger rent increases help ease housing crisis? Union of B.C. Municipalities thinks so. The crisis isn’t based on crumbling housing stock for fuck’s sake; it’s because housing is most often used as an investment and simply not rented out at all.

Then you have slumlords like the Sahotas: Management talks over Vancouver’s Regent and Balmoral hotels hit a snag.

In bizarre news: 2 hikers camping together hospitalized after knife fight on B.C.’s Mount Seymour. This is like the plot of the Gus van Sant movie, Gerry.

Bonus: Mysterious ‘pants’ arch baffles internet, geologists and Nunavut tourism office.

Super extra bonus: Listen to Tea & Two Slices, the radio show! Every Friday at 2pm on Save On Radio.

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  1. I think B.C. needs an emergency cool down of housing speculation. Why not tax capital gains on housing at 90% for non permanent residents? A huge tax would protect their principle (which means that people who actually move here to study, work do business aren’t barred or unfairly penalized) but completely disincentivizes speculative investment.

    Of course global dollars are being parked in Vancouver real estate! They’re seeing >20% growth year over year right now! Make Vancouver housing less profitable.

    Allowing landlords to raise rents beyond the current limits is like hiking the cost of bottled water in Flint, MI to “stop dehydration”.

  2. Dave Barrett? He’s the reality; he squeaks in because WAC Bennett had been Premier for two decades, it was time for change, and the SoCreds should’ve transitioned leadership before the election, not 1 year after, when WAC’s son Bill is elected leader of SoCreds.

    Barrett rules for 39 months, calls a snap election, and is promptly kicked out by BC citizens. He then tried to get back in the legislature and is soundly rejected, losing the elections of 1975, 1979 & 1983 (and setting an all-time BC record for losses). And each time, to the son of WAC.

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