On Straws Sucking Hard and Spotting Predatory Pigs in the Restaurant Business

A pig roast on Beatty Street | Photo: Scout Magazine

From mindfulness and farming to “technofoodology,” Forbes makes a few curious food trend predictions for 2018.

Trump backpedals on Obama-era regulations for organic egg farming. I swear, I think he does pulls this bulls%$* just because he can.

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for the food lover in your life? Consider an incredibly realistic bacon ornament.

In preparation for your upcoming holiday feast, a few Vancouver chefs share their tips and tricks for cooking the perfect turkey.

The Lemon Drop – no longer just for bar patrons in 80’s cult classic movies.

The ravioli you never thought you wanted? That’s no moon…:

New York City restaurateur Ken Friedman is the most recent big name in hospitality to face serious accusations of sexual harassment.

On a similar note, in the wake of Mario Batali’s recent accusations of sexual harassment, many brands are distancing themselves from the chef and restaurant owner.

And further, a rather meta piece from Bon Appetit on the voices that are amplified/marginalized in the face of this watershed moment.

What if you could eat your straw instead of tossing into a landfill? A new company has created a seaweed-based variety that could potentially help to significantly reduce plastic waste.

This week in innovative food waste solutions: A brilliant partnership between a New York brewery and fishery is resulting in a significant reduction in grain waste and wastewater:

“The system takes the heaps of waste grain from Five & 20’s distillery, as well as wastewater, and, just yards away in a system of plastic cubicles, composts the energy-rich material. This supports colonies of microbes and invertebrates, including worms and snails, which are in turn dispensed into the tanks of hungry fish.”

15-month old Holts Cafe is set to close and will be replaced by a west coast iteration of Toronto’s Collette Grand Cafe.

In the face of increased wildfires, winemakers around the world are worrying about the effects of long term smoke exposure on the quality of their wine.

“Smoke taint can happen when grapes are exposed to smoke. The resulting wine has an unpleasant taste, often described as ashy, burnt, and ashtray. California’s growers might have lucked out this year, but significant wine regions, including in Australia, South Africa, Chile, and Portugal, have all had serious fires in recent years, and climate change is anticipated to make it worse.”

Speaking of which, Momofuku Chef David Chang has partnered with Chef Jose Andres’ non-profit World Central Kitchen to prepare meals for firefighters battling ongoing wildfires in Southern California.

Drinking via Instagram honours go to @rwhotelgeorgia and this gorgeous spiked hot chocolate which can be found at the Reflections Winter pop-up:

What’s the difference between a strip loin and a porterhouse? How about filet mignon and dry aged rib steak? Why not let a couple of Hy’s veterans explain!

From Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods to the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, The Daily Meal highlights the 10 biggest food stories of 2017.

And speaking of 2017 stories, Munchies looks at how the oft-abused avocado has fared over the past year.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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