Modular MIMA House In Portugal Would Suit A Quiet Clearing On Bowen Island


With our city now so laughably unaffordable, thousands of Vancouverites are stuck imagining wonderful homes instead of living in them. “Spaced” is a record of our minds wandering the world of architecture and design, up and away from the unrewarding realities of shoebox condos, dark basement suites, and sweet fuck all on Craigslist.


(via) This is the first ever modular MIMA house, built in 2011 in the Portuguese municipality of Viana do Castelo. Dozens of MIMA houses have since been constructed across Europe with every new one being decidedly different from the last (case in point: this beauty finished last year). This is due to the versatility of the prefabricated system, which invites homeowners to get creative. “Each house is designed around a 36-square-metre template, which can be configured to create a variety of different floor plans. The basic unit can also be extended or shortened in increments of 1.5 metres thanks to integrated tracks in the floor and ceiling.” Word is they’re coming to Canada soon. We’ll take ours in a clearing on Bowen Island. Photographs by José Campos.

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  1. This seems like an excellent housing solution for those people without possessions. #WhereDoesMyStuffGo