On Media Trolling For Assfish And Suspicious Middle Eastern Dudes


by Sean Orr | You might want to stay out of the Pacific Centre mall this week; not because of any terror threat, but just because it’s Pacific Centre mall: Vancouver Police searching for 3 Middle Eastern men videotaping Pacific Centre Mall.

Update! So it turns out the presumed terrorists men in question had “logical” explanations “for their behaviour” and have been deemed “completely innocent” by police. So let’s hear it for local media outlets; altogether now, 1…2…3…yaaaay FEAR!

But since we’re on the subject of race-baiting headlines: Chinese drivers’ licences now accepted by B.C. RCMP. I see the CBC didn’t open the comments section on this one. Go figure.

And now we move on to species-baiting: Bony-eared Assfish goes on display at the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria. There are plenty of suggestions for alternative names in the comments, but I’m surprised no one has put forward “Clarkfish” to honour our Premier. Come on, guys! You can do better!

B.C. rejects Kinder Morgan’s bid to expand Trans Mountain pipeline. Um, what about the existing pipeline? It’s almost like there is a by-election happening or something…

Of course, I’m sure it has nothing to do with this: B.C. government failed to properly consult First Nations on Northern Gateway pipeline, court rules.

Meanwhile, in Alberta: ‘She has got to go’: Kevin O’Leary offers $1M if Notley resigns. O’Leary goes full Trump, setting up Notley for one of the best comebacks of all time: “You know, the last time a group of wealthy businessmen tried to tell Alberta voters how to vote, I ended up becoming premier…”

Which leads to our own “send snacks” moment: Alberta ‘kudatah’ plot sparks mockery on social media. Merseeboecoo, Alberta. Merseeboecoo!

Further proof that we are not a real country.

Not when one bridge connects the entire country: Bridge failure gives father, son extra time to sit silently in car on week long roadtrip.

This is what a Skytrain to Langley might look like.

Because no matter how many times they say they’re going to do light rail, they never do.

Bonus: Wolf Parade Are Back.

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  1. I feel like if 3 white dudes were caught videotaping in Pacific Centre it wouldn’t be such a big deal — fear mongering indeed. On the other hand, I am an Asian driver…or at least half an Asian driver. If only there were a place between Richmond and Delta like Burquitlam.

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