Tractor Foods Secures New Olympic Village Location, Launching In Spring


The good folks behind Tractor Foods are opening a third location, this time in Olympic Village. The sexy, cafeteria-style, health-conscious operation (with successful locations in Kitsilano and Downtown) is landing at the northeastern foot of the Opsal Tower at 1751 Quebec Street (Quebec & 2nd Avenue). I think it’ll be a great fit for the area, which in its relative infancy could always use more culinary diversity.


The 1,900 sqft space is currently bare save for its branded cladding, and it won’t emerge from its cocoon until May/June of 2016. Owners Steve and Meghan Clarke have confirmed that the 40 seater’s menu will follow the same healthy lines as drawn by the previous locations. I trust we’ll also see a clean, modern interior similar to what they’ve done before. To get a feel for what they do, browse the gallery below.

  • tractor_9535
  • tractor_9830
  • tractor_9367
  • Tractor foods-4
  • Tractor foods-38
  • Tractor foods-37
  • Tractor foods-36
  • Tractor foods-39
  • Tractor foods-34
  • Tractor foods-33
  • Tractor foods-32
  • Tractor foods-30
  • Tractor foods-29
  • Tractor foods-28
  • Tractor foods-27
  • Tractor foods-23
  • Tractor foods-21
  • Tractor foods-15
  • Tractor foods-14
  • Tractor foods-12
  • Tractor foods-9
  • Tractor foods-8
  • Tractor foods-6
  • Tractor foods-3


There are 6 comments

  1. Awesome! This will be a fantastic addition to the neighbourhood. Current locations in Kits and in the Financial District are always a great choice for quick, healthy food. There’s enough variety in the menu that you could go every day and not get bored with the options. Nicely designed spaces, too!

  2. Of course you’re absolutely correct! Thanks for the catch. The last time I was at the Kits location I was in the midst of a meatless week. It must have burned askew into my brain! Changed text to read “health-conscious”. Again, thanks for the correction.

  3. Any follow up to this opening? I have been by there recently and they haven’t started any construction. Maybe waiting for permits :-S
    I love their food and this location is super close to me.

  4. Any word on the opening of this location? It says “Spring 2016” but there doesn’t seem to be any progress?

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