On Hardcore Spin Class And Celebrating The Very Worst Of Vancouver

by Sean Orr | Here’s my band attempting to make the most Vancouver video ever: Hardcore Band Films Video In The Most Hardcore Of Places — A Spin Class.

Last week of the day: What It’s Like Trying to Live on Minimum Wage in Vancouver. Let me guess, it’s hard, right? Of course I wouldn’t know because I make a ridiculous amount of money. Seriously, if you see me out, demand that I buy a round of drinks.

The real problem comes from the fact that locals keep buying homes, regardless of the insane costs. Baby boomers can afford the costs in upper-class areas because they are “downsizing,” while the affluent, often dual-income, members of Generation X and Y are willing to pay more for housing within the city limits in order to live in “hipper” communities.

Meanwhile the experts continue to bicker amongst themselves: The Urban Development Institute held its first panel discussion on foreign ownership in Vancouver – and there wasn’t much consensus.. “Ley suggested a higher property transfer tax on luxury homes and a flipping tax as ways to cool the market.” Just fucking do it already.

Related Craigslist of the day: Charming 4 bedroom house for $2200 (Little Mountain). “The previous tenants had many kids so there are many hooks so you will never have to worry about where to hang your jacket! approx~ 114 hooks”.

Controversial $450,000 art piece approved by Vancouver Parks Board. I would die a happy man if I never had to read the words “controversial public art piece” ever again.

It’s that time of the year again: And the “Winners” are … the Worst of Vancouver, 2015.

You’re stuck on a stalled & very crowded Skytrain for 60+ minutes. How do you kill the time?

“It’s Vancouver; time is already dead.”

Related Instagram of the day: “If Vancouver had a persona it would be that girl who don’t drink tap water but still stuffs coke up her nose 3 nights a week…” I totally know that girl.

At this point I’m convinced the Conservatives are trolling the entire election. First we have Bob Zimmer blaming missing and murdered women on the fact that they don’t have jobs, John Cummins saying that they put themselves at risk, Jason Kenney praising a refugee for perfect, unaccented English, Jagdish Grewal (who clearly hasn’t seen But I’m a Cheerleader) touting therapies to turn gay youth straight, and Sabrina Zuniga saying the ground can absorb oil spills.

It’s like they were concerned they were being too subtle or something.

Maybe Harper could open up the turban debate: Years Ago, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper Launched His Political Career By Trying To Ban The Sikh Turban. Sat sree akal Sikh Chic, Sat sree akaal.

Never forget:

There’s a simple solution to niqabs and oath swearing – but Harper won’t allow it.

Gender segregation for modesty is hardly contrary to Canadian values, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggests – it’s an integral part of our social system. Our bathrooms and changing rooms are separate for precisely that reason.

Related Tumblr of the day: Niqabs of/du Canada.

Syrup Trap, Beaverton, wtf this is real of the day: Stephen Harper pledges $1B to help auto sector cope with TPP. A tacit admission that TPP would wipe out manufacturing. Amazing.

Here are all the candidates as Simpsons characters as seen on a Vancouver bus stop.

Here are some musicians getting emotional: Hey Rosetta!, Yukon Blonde release anti-Harper video.

Honour Bound: String of bad luck puts Vancouver bike charity at risk.

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