Excellent Reasons To Visit Bowen Island For The 75th Annual Bowfest – Aug. 29

by Nicole Arnett | Keep meaning to check out what all this #gowentobowen stuff is on Instagram? The island is loaded with awesome things to do, see, and eat, so throw some pals in the car and head out to the 75th annual Bowfest on Saturday, August 29th. Here are our Top 5 favourite reasons for your ranking consideration…

Ardillas United Mobile Boutique | Best pals Kora and Karolina have taken their keen eye and killer style on the road with an adorable roaming boutique. This teeny treasure features vinyl wood floors, ambient lighting, a spacious changing room, and displays for over 300 items, including jewelry, clothing, and home décor pieces. Cash, credit cards and compliments are all accepted.

Lunch at Shika Provisions | The food here could fall into the ‘almost too pretty to eat’ category if it weren’t so damn delicious. Grab some of their picnic packs, complete with mocha sweets to go, and wander the fest with a smile on your face.

Dessert at Lime & Moon Pie Company | Saved room for dessert? Of course you did. Head to Lime & Moon Pie where they bake up batches of super tasty pies using BC’s best fruits. How do you choose between ‘Sinfully Sweet Organic Peach’ and ‘Organic Blackberry Patch’ pie? Trick question. You order one of each and thank us later.

The Killarney Lake hike | Now that you’re in a complete food coma, it’s time to walk it all off. This 2 hour round-trip hike is easy, scenic, and offers multiple spots for picture taking and/or catching your breath. Just make sure you get back in time for….

The Country Fair at Bowfest | Expect classic events like ‘Strangest looking fruit or vegetable’ and not one but two slug-related events (Best photo of a Bowen Island Slug and the very competitive BYO slug race.) Excerpt from the rules to show you they mean business: “Slugs that interfere with other racing slugs during a race will be disqualified.” Also, no snails allowed? Damn.

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