On Getting In Fights At Republic & Harper Using Students As Props

by Sean Orr | “They don’t wear hardhats at this school”. Harper visits North Van, refuses to answer Duffy questions as protests rage outside. “Parents and citizens protested Harper’s visit, saying that students were being used as ‘props’ for political purposes”. Since when do we use young people as political pawns? Oh wait, since always.

They obviously forgot about this article from 2013: To recap, the prime minister is not responsible for almost anything.

I mean, he can’t even spell our province’s name correctly:

Yikes! Talk about Western Alienation.

Hero: Comedian launches satirical election campaign against three sitting Canadian senators. The Senate: Ignoring the doorbell of accountability since confederation.

Another useless piece of legislation that Mulcair will have to, um, alter: Joe Oliver says ‘balanced budget’ legislation avoids repeating ‘mistakes’. Yeah, because it worked so well in British Colombia: Why balanced budgets aren’t always good budgets.

Tone it down a little: Matt Toner announces bid for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant with jump from NDP to Greens. “Toner said that since (Woodwards), he has witnessed middle and upper-class businesses work alongside lower-income neighbours in ways that have fostered community…” At the risk of inciting another flame war against anti-gentrification protesters, I kind of agree with him.

On the other hand, we do need some aboriginal representation: Vancouver–Mount Pleasant needs a “kick-ass” MLA, according to former park-board commissioner Sarah Blyth. Preferably one who also skateboards, brah.

Maybe we can use the revenue from Deadpool to fund transit: Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds thanks commuters dealing with Georgia Viaduct closure.

Derp of the day: Craigslist: “For Sale: Vancouver City Hall. Cash only, please. No Questions asked“. You know, because developers. Super funny if you’re 12.

Mostly accurate: 10 Things I Hate About Clubbing in Vancouver. Apparently this guy has never heard of a coat check, but that’s ok. He gets a pass for this gem: “Surrey. If you live anywhere else in British Columbia, you know as well as I do that this joke just wrote itself. And then it tried to start a fight at Republic…”

Meanwhile, in Lethbridge: Marilyn Manson — Grand Slammed in the Face at a Denny’s.

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