Notturno Co-Owner To Open Health Food Joint “Roots & Fruits” On Powell Street


by Andrew Morrison | Notturno co-owner Scott McTavish has picked up a tiny space where Strathcona and Railtown hold hands at the Cordova Diversion (848 Powell Street, to be exact). It’s sandwiched – both ironically and symbolically, I’d say – in a 650 sqft sliver between a Starbucks and a Subway restaurant, in what used to be a motorcycle repair workshop. With it, he plans to open a new health food pit-stop called Roots & Fruits. It will feature protein optional grain bowls, veggie bowls, cold pressed juices, chia pudding parfaits, avocado toasts, and more. Though the eatery will primarily (presumably) operate as a take-out spot, there will 16 seats on hand for those who aren’t in a rush (10 on a banquette and three deuces), plus delivery service to Gastown and Railtown. Opening day is set for some point in May. Take a look…

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