On Punishing Students & Winning The War Against The Burb Panzer


by Sean Orr | Spent a ridiculous amount of money on a Bachelor of Arts degree only to get a job at Starbucks? No car for you. ICBC may withhold licence for outstanding court fines, student loans in default. Because helping people out of debt does nothing to perpetuate economic disparity. They must be punished!

Ergo, The Return of the 19th Century.

More faux class-consciousness by PostMedia: Hairdresser: $75 an hour. Nurse: $30 an hour. Hairdresser: chair rental, no union, no job security, no overtime, dependent on tips…

How dare they! Refugee immigrants reporting higher incomes to CRA than investor immigrants. Pretty sure the keyword there is “reporting”.

We should have let them finish! Toronto tunnel dug by 2 men as ‘man cave’, police say. Sadly, if that tunnel was in Vancouver it would be worth $2.3 million and then flipped for $5 million.

If it bleeds it leads: Meet the Menstruators Fighting Canada’s ‘Tampon Tax’. “A Q&A with two young people petitioning for tax exemption. Period…”. We get it.

Locals only: 21 Reasons You Won’t Want To Visit British Columbia Right Now. Weird how endless talk about a transit tax isn’t on there…

Neither are our horrible drivers: BC government to crack down on left-lane bandits. Move. The. Fuck. Over.

Limousine, party bus and stretch SUV regulations overhauled by BC. Um, hello, CBC? They’re called Burb Panzers. We expect a notice of correction.

Shit hawks: B.C.’s seagull population dives as marine food drops. That can’t be true. I’m not that gull-able.

Spock me a fiver: ‘Spocking’ Laurier on $5 not illegal, says Bank of Canada.

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