On Policing The Mentally Ill And Sending Crooked Developers To Prison


by Sean Orr | Shit is getting cray: Vancouver police end 2014 with a record number of arrests under the Mental Health Act – which poses the question, are incidents of mental health duress increasing, or just arrests under the Act?

“The answer for someone suffering a mental-health crisis is not a cop with a gun.” But what if the cop with a gun is the one suffering the mental health crisis? Potential Vancouver Police Department Suicide Covered Up by Local Media.

The Simi Sara Show w/Michael Smyth – Wed Dec 31 – Should Transit Cops Have Guns? Nope. Wow, that was easy. Next question!

Why we can’t have nice things: Reminder: Vancouver’s planned NYE celebration cancelled. Cancel Vancouver! This one’s on you, Jim Pattison, Peter Wall, Ryan Holmes, Francesco Aquilini, Bob Gagliardi, Chip Wilson, Brandt Louie, Hassan Khosrowshahi, Caleb Chan, Gary Charlwood, and the Laljis.

I’ll give Thomas Kwok a pass: Billionaire owner of Vancouver’s Aspac Developments gets five years in jail.

Now this is one year-end list I can get behind: Canada drops out of top 10 most developed countries list. Congo be all like “started at the bottom now we here…”

Best first line in an article: “Sometimes I meet people in the real world and they suggest that they vote Conservative and I become really confused”. Best of Canadian Politics – 2014.

Don’t forget about the missing 3.1 billion dollars: Where the heck’s that $3.1-billion? Where’s the fury?

Mis-play of the year: How to saber Champagne…or not.

Craigslist of the year: Model wanted as girlfriend. “Must not be shallow, must look good in bikini and be attracted to aging rockers and back of the bus types. No money but lots of sex, laughs and adventure…”

Bonus: Vancouver Art in the Sixties: Urban Renewal: Ghost Traps, Collage, Condos, and Squats.

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