On Pub Crawling With Your Children & Sweet Tweets From A Mall


by Sean Orr | Affordable Housing: Some Parts Just Aren’t City Hall’s Job. Although a far cry from Sam Sullivan’s condescending use of pennies to illustrate Vancouver’s portion of taxes (and thus absolving the City of responsibility), Kevin Harding‘s point that “Depriving (landlords) of income is unfair. Depriving someone of affordable housing isn’t, apparently” is pretty on point.

Related: Why the rent is so damn high.

Development battles dominated 2013 headlines in Vancouver. Weird, that was also the case in 1893, 1924, 1950-1967, 1986, 1993-1998 and 2006-2010. What an amazing coincidence! Also, what’s a “development battle”? It’s just NIMBYism, through and through.

Best to throw in some “cultural amenities” to sweeten the pot: Vancouver council approves over-height Burrard Gateway tower. How many gateways do we really need?

This is surprising but also totally not surprising: Joint Review Panel recommends approving the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project. Well, son of a bitumen! I guess now we get to see what the environment movement is really made of.

I expect a whole lot more violence fun! How far must we go to protect the environment? Hmm, I’m not sure, but I do know that someone needs to develop an app like this Drake’s for the guy on the left in this photo.

Give the plebes what they want: Pubs eager for the walls to come down as liquor law changes proposed. Clark’s newest new slogan: Families (In Pubs) First.

Best new twitter: Kingsgate Mall.

Not getting it: Walmart sells Occupy Wall Street print.

I didn’t know where to fit this, so I’ll just put it here: Born in the Burbs – Stephen Harper explained.

And finally, here is Rob Ford dancing to One Love during a council meeting. Merry Christmas!

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