On Running From The Rabble And Canada’s New Olympic Jerseys


by Sean Orr | I think they look more like the Petro-Can logo: Hockey Canada officially unveils Olympic jersey design despite murmurings that it calls to mind Nazi Germany. Well, Hitler had a big part in defining the aesthetic of the modern Olympics (the torch, for example), so perhaps it’s only fitting. What’s more outrageous is that they the NHL is sending pro-athletes to a country where it is now illegal to be gay, leaving every attempt made by the You Can Play Project a complete contradiction.

Petro Can’t: Pensioners will suffer if Canada’s oil is not shipped to world markets. In other news, this journalist has never heard of the word divestment.

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Mann up: Bridge tolls: One for all and all for one? “It doesn’t make sense” to have tolls on some bridges and not others, said Delta Mayor Lois Jackson Tuesday. This person is a Mayor? I seem to remember running for MLA in the same riding as the Port Mann Bridge and saying things like “Peak oil” and “we can’t afford this”. But oh no, you people had to have your (not so) little bridge. And every time someone takes the bus in Vancouver, they are helping to pay for it, so don’t act like the financial burden is placed solely on those south of the Fraser.

Planners see problems with bridge proposed to replace Massey Tunnel. Can we just go back to the Oregon Trail days and have it so you have to ford the river yourself?

A tale of two Surreys: Mega-hotel project unveiled as residents of low-rent trailer park live without electricity down the road. Oh weird! So boosterism is only good for those doing the boosting? Who knew?

Efforts to house Vancouver’s homeless barely keep up with influx. So when Gregor Roberston said he was going to end homelessness, what he really meant was that he was going to keep it at the exact same level.

Vancouver retail rents cheap compared to New York’s record costs. Then why is everything so bloody expensive?

Bonus: Rabble has lost its way: My letter of resignation.

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