On The Canadian War On Culture And Stealing Back Your Bicycle


by Sean Orr | I never thought I would ever find myself defending Translink, especially so soon after the Compass debacle, but…Jewish groups fight TransLink over Palestine ad campaign. Are they going to sue the United Nations Security Council while they’re at it, too?

Wanted: A Canadian Edward Snowden. “No big deal, right? It’s not as though CSEC was caught spying on Canadians, it’s just that records that would have proven otherwise are missing”. I want Snowden.

This was the biggest story of the day according to my Facebook feed: New fees for international touring musicians threaten smaller clubs and live venues across Canada. Would they make actors working in Canada pay a similar fee? How about convention delegates? Either this is another salvo in the battle against culture or  Jason Kenney (our Minister of Employment, Social Development & Multiculturalism) really is a fucking moron. Petition here.

The less stitches, the more riches: Fraser Institute report leaves children out in the cold. “The emphasis on ‘thrift‘ continues throughout the report, appearing generally in relation to characterizations of ‘fiscally conservative’ parents and ‘low-income and immigrant’ parents”. For example, nowhere in the report does it factor in the cost for low-income immigrant parents to buy their adult children fancy lofts. I mean nowhere.

Politics hijacks transit planning yet again. “It seems to me that an endorsement by Rob Ford should be enough to deter anyone. But Vision Vancouver wants a subway under Broadway”.

Leap Ahead: A parting gift to our readers. And the spectre of the rejected vehicle levy raises its ugly head once more.

Do not try this at home: Vancouver woman sees stolen bike online, steals it back.

Best name in the news: Frisco Billyboy. The sad thing is that the VPD tweeted that he was arrested but I can’t find anything in the media reporting this. They just want you to be scared. Always.

Instagram of the day.

Man fined $500 for purposely swallowing toe at Yukon hotel. But will he foot the bill?

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