TEA & TWO SLICES: On Reptilian Ideas, Flamboyant Alberta, And Quitting Facebook

by Sean Orr | I’m no conspiracy theorist, but don’t you think Christie Blatchford looks totally reptilian? Oh, and her ideas are horrible, too, as she confesses: “As always for me, this is a time of great writer-ly insecurity”. Yeah, we couldn’t tell.

Or to put it another way, c/o James Gemill. “Memo to conservatives: Goal of civil disobedience is provoke opposition into more extreme positions. You’re playing along nicely”.

Fellow Dish Dude Anton G. lays it out: How more social programs will improve political involvement and life. Nah, let’s invest it in the auto industry instead! Also, Screw you, taxpayers.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences For Gun Possession Unconstitutional: BC Court. Well, we wouldn’t need them if the courts had been doing their job in the first place, your Honour.

Joy to the World: Marpole man died over holidays in back alley behind dollar store. No, but yeah…those HEAT shelters are a super bad idea…

Some Alberta dinosaurs as flamboyant as Vegas showgirls. No, they aren’t talking about Alberta’s politicians, but actual dinosaurs.

But speaking of dinosaurs, BC a Base for Abortion Battlers Trying New Tactics. I want to punch that man in the face but I’m going to exercise my right to choose not to.

Quitting Facebook Is The New ‘I Quit TV’ (You Hipster, You) Well, considering that even St. Paul’s Hospital had to use Facebook to contact me, I won’t be quitting anytime soon (I quit phones, instead).

Go consumerism! Kiss that HDTV goodbye and say hello to Ultra HDTV.

Call for submissions: Art’s Birthday. Me? I usually just get Art some pencil crayons…

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