Tea & Two Slices: On The Politics of Boredom And The Passions Of Geography

by Sean Orr | The Canadian Press tells us that Vancouver’s riot damaged reputation is ‘incalculable’ (damn, and I’ve been trying for years!). But seriously though, we have a history of being drunken idiots. Remember the Anti-Asiatic riots, the Guns N Roses Riot, and every single Celebration of Light (not to mention ’94)? It’s what we do.

The VPD released their investigation fact sheet today and introduced us to some of our overstimulated and violently bored.

Rex Murphy’s populist tirade explained nothing. Surely those identified weren’t thugs, but rather upstanding citizens. In their haste to assign blame on anyone but themselves (or their kids), I’m surprised the media hasn’t blamed rap music or the internet. Oh wait, they have? In case there isn’t enough footage, of course NMA did one of those digital re-enactments

Kurtis Kolt visits the Wailing Wall at The Bay. My contribution? “What are the politics of boredom?” My thoughts on the giant Why We Love the Canucks crowd-scourced “get well” card can be seen above.

We also have a history of this: Locked-out postal workers occupy Tory MP’s offices.

Hot trend: Youtube apologies. Everyone’s getting in on the act: Langley teen Amanda McPhee apologizes for running away. Because sometimes you just gotta get away, you know?

Get ready for more plastic in your wallet; Canada switching to polymer bills. Because our money couldn’t get any sillier.

City Looks into a Public Bike System. We already have one, it’s called East Hastings Street.

Socks matter.

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