Tea & Two Slices: On The Committee For Public Harumphing And Double Standards

by Sean Orr | Despite the Boston Massacre last night, Cosmo the Amazon Parrot is still calling the Canucks in five. Hey, he was right about the Sharks series…

The Empire The Fraser Institue strikes back: A mawkish view of immigration overlooks the facts. And by facts, they mean the facts they came up with in their own study.

And because they are such stalwart defenders of our precious tax dollars, I’m sure they were outraged about this: CN Rail – buyer of BC Rail – main sponsor for Christy Clark speech to Vancouver Board of Trade. Or is that just how the free market operates?

Big Deal: Tweet lands Deal in more hot water than a Nova Scotia lobster. “The tweet is not impressing local activists who think Deal’s remark was in poor taste”. OH, THE DOUBLE STANDARD! If this was Gregor Robertson, you’d be calling him a Stalinist despot hell bent on excess, no?

Red Gate faces Eviction. “In a city that prides itself on being “first class” and culturally diverse you would think that a self-sustaining, non-goverment funded community arts space in one of the poorest neighbourhoods would be something to be proud of. Not something you try and shut down”. I agree. The timing is suspicious, but the building is condemned. I would hate for (another) disaster to happen to all the party people in the house.

Vancouver’s Robson Street a bargain among world’s retail strips. I think, as a city, it is time for us to look Beyond Robson to find our civic identity (holy shit I am hilarious).

McSweeny’s: The Committee for Public Harrumphing will hold a hearing on the topic of “What’s Going On and Who’s To Blame?”

Unlike oppressive VANOC rules, Local businesses embrace Canucks – logos and all. Except for one thing, the logo in that picture is wrong. Go Ganucks?

Bonus: Why Do I Keep Taking Pictures of My Food?

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  1. @anvil thanks for the link. It’s quite interesting isn’t it? I mean, I totally understand your concern. It comes off a little like “Bum Fights”- that is, highly exploitative. On the other, it legitimizes carts as a necessary tool for many people. That is, when the police decide to dump a binners belongings- it happens all the time and it even happened to me. Or when operating shelters- as we found with HEAT, the carts need to be considered personal property. As a photographer I see the important archival value of this kind of social documentation, i just wish it was done in a more tasteful way.

  2. That’s an interesting take. I agree that we need to accept that carts are more than just a piece of metal, but what I find so horrible about that site is the voyeuristic intrusion that is based on. Well, that’s one of the many problems I have with it.

    Yes, public photography is legal (and I say this as a photographer who has done a lot of work documenting life on the street in Vancouver), but when you are photographing people who have to live in the public realm all of the time, we need to have some humanity, which I think this website severely lacks.

    Also, they delete comments criticizing them.

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