Tea & Two Slices: On the Evils of Eby And An Infestation Of Cruise Ship Passengers

by Sean Orr | Clark squeaks by Eby in tight race to win seat. “The narrow loss hints at Eby’s political promise”. Better yet, it hints at how awful Christy Clark is. As a campaigner that is, although she might also be awful as a human being. I just don’t know.

Downtown Eastside suffers under David Eby. I think maybe the reason this makes me so angry is that this is something I would write as a total joke. I think really I’m just jealous that Mark Hasiuk can get away with this garbage. He’s probably a smash down at The Vancouver Club.

Mackin: “Is #ElectionsBC website performance so dismal because of bad management or #BCLiberal underfunding”? Am I that huge of a nerd that I find this riotously funny? I think the real winner though is Eddie Petrossian. Atta boy.

B.C. to spend $5M on HST campaign. Paid for by HST revenues.

Vancouver will be crawling with cruiseship passengers Saturday. I like how the use of the verb ‘crawling’ evokes a plague of insects. Insects that are the size of the average American! Also known as pretty much every weekend in Gastown over the summer.

Opinion: Dear rest of Canada – please get your own hockey team. Yeah, this one belongs to Cascadia.

This Is East Van captures and creates community.

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  1. I feel terrible for Gastown’s purveyors and how they must withstand a barrage of free spending tourists all summer. If only Gastown it could go back to addicts and icky nightclubs.

  2. I like the restaurant industry news on this blog. The incessant trashing, mostly in this feature, of pretty much anybody that isn’t you or just like you? Much less so. That sort of thing can be funny in moderation if you have a vocation for it, else it just comes across as nasty and not a little childish, which in this case alienates some of your readership and presumably some sponsors both established and potential as well.

    This has been said by others here before- just adding my voice to the little chorus in case it helps you get calibrated. Yeah, I know I can just skip over the cruft- it’s mostly well-labelled.

  3. As that Hitchens fellow says, “There will be uneasiness among the feeble-minded and the emotionally insecure.” Your guidance is an absolute inspiration to those of us who are too dim or unstable to read books and newspapers for ourselves, Sean.

    Shake me, baby!

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