Tea & Two Slices: On Dissing Dishwashers And The Politics Of Canuck Bandwagonry

by Sean Orr | ‘Sad spectacle:’ May on leaders’ debate. I know how you feel Liz. I was outraged when the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards refused to include a Best Dishwasher category.

B.C. Liberal candidate’s son calls out Harper in rap song. I’d love to see Harper release a dis track as a retort. “MC Harpo, the terrible Tori, comin’ at you in a blaze of glory, F-16s on you faggot ass lefties, I’ll leave you empty like…promises”.

Elsewhere, Harper has an intimate conversation with Canadians about shit. Of course, it wasn’t about the shit he did. No, that is an entirely different website

I’m hereby calling for the separation of sport and state: Sorry Christy, the bandwagon is full.

Olympic Village lesson learned: Leave development to the professionals. Right, because developers are Gods! And it’s everyone else’s fault rather than the financiers who declared bankruptcy. Left in charge, they totally would have finished the Athlete’s Village and totally would NOT have declared bankrupcy! Oh, and we should have absolutely let developers do whatever they wanted with Woodwards, namely sit on it until someone else came along. Good ideas, all.

Meanwhile, this is what a homeless shelter looks like in Spain.

Inside Tosi’s.

Picturing Intuition.

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  1. My god man have you ever stopped to ask yourself who, besides yourself, thinks that you are funny. Go back to Budgies. Or stop writing–you really aren’t any good at it.

  2. Truthfully speaking, you weren’t any better at your job there. I’ve had better burritos at Taco Time. Still, I understand why you might be nostalgic. You probably at least got paid for what you did there, which is more than you can say for your career as a “writer”.

  3. Trolls be trollin’. Feed them at your leisure, gifted well paid employee.

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