Foreign Intelligence Brief #364: Hobbits & Hipsters Versus Hemingway & Hookers

Lonely dork enabling Yelp adds a lazy “hipster” option to its user rating system to describe an establishment’s ambience (and the English language tenders its resignation). Thankfully, Ernest Hemingway has signed up as a contributor:

I called Sam and asked him if he wanted to come to dinner but he said he had softball practice and I said that was a damned shame and hung up. When I got to Sun City Bea and Rob were at were at the bar, behind tattooed women and men with guitars. They were sitting in the shade and their beers were half empty. We drank beer and ate pho but Rob was restless and did not talk very much. He said he wanted to go see a band that was playing in a dive bar across town. Bea called him a smug hipster and Rob called her a bitch and I sat and drank my beer and wished I had not come. They left early and I paid for Bea’s spring rolls and went home alone.

I wonder what Hemingway would have made of Dongyang’s “virgin eggs”? They certainly don’t sound very appetising. They would, however, make the perfect gift for master mixologist Alex Ott. Egg-sucking money quote:

“I don’t bartend anymore,” he told me. “I create flavors.”

Architecture porn: WTF? There are currently twelve Frank Lloyd Wright houses for sale.

It all started with a street food cart. Meet Mohammed Bouazizi, the 26 year old fruit seller who lit the Arab world’s revolutions by setting himself on fire.

Never let Julian Assange stay at your house.

Six vital questions and answers for understanding the current nuclear crisis in Japan.

The most beautiful car ever made turns 50.

The mainstream media embraces the live blog format to cover the Libyan revolution crisis civil war police action. Keep up to date with them as they try to keep up to date themselves at NPR, Al Jazeera, CNN and the BBC.

Breaking! FOXNews: still ridiculous.

Nerd porn: The Hobbit had officially started production in New Zealand (see photo of Bilbo and Co. above).

More Fun City: Toronto councillor Giorgio Mammoliti wants to turn the city’s island into a red light district. Bonus points: he’s the Mayor’s “recreation chair”.

Extra: pole dance for Jesus!

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