Tea & Two Slices: On Potentially Ruinous Strikes and Deal Bringing The Funky Back

by Sean Orr | 100 sled dogs slaughtered when B.C. tourism slumped after Olympics. But according to Shelley Fralic we are hypocrites because everybody eats meat and apparently none of us care when pets are euthanized daily. Plus 22 babies died this year. I have a suspicion that the babies died at separate times and were not killed execution style and then thrown into a mass grave. Because if that happened I would say “no way”.

Vancouver hopes to infuse new life in arts scene. Hey, that’s great! But I’m sorry to say that photo of Heather Deal has qualified for Don’t Dad.

Meanwhile the Vancouver Sun honours the Most Powerful Women in Canada. Oh cool! So like Jenny Kwan, Libby Davies, Harsha Walia and Betty Kraczyk? What about supreme court members Beverley McLachlin, Marie Deschamps, Rosalie Abella and Louise Charron? Nope, mostly it’s just rich people.

New B.C. bans target gangsters. So wait, they banned bulletproof glass, but not guns? So I guess if you’re just a paranoid driver you’re out of luck.

Potential ‘devastating’ strike at B.C. ports would shut down Asia-Pacific Gateway. Shit! Now how are we going to get all that sweet Afghani opium into the city?

Marche St George.

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