Tea & Two Slices: On Boycotting Stupid And Bieber Sucks What?


Sean Orr | Georgia Straight headline: No one will ever know if Justin Bieber sucks dick. Unless of course you happen to be getting your dick sucked by Justin Bieber. Also, the author, Mike Usinger, has to be what, like 60 now? The kid is 16 for Christ’s sake. I don’t even think you are allowed to think about that. Not that I’m defending Bieber or Canwest for that matter, this just comes off as some ratchety old non-homophobic* grandpa who says wildly inappropriate things every five minutes. First it’s funny, then it’s sad.

Liberals say millions from tougher drunk-driving laws will not go toward more policing. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the millions of dollars also won’t go into allowing the Skytrain to stay open past when the bars close, because that would just make too much sense.

Architect of Terry Fox monument upset about plan to tear down memorial. That’s weird. Has he actually seen it? I mean, I know he designed it, but maybe it just looked better on paper…

Apparently, the new cycling lanes are only for cycling only and “not motorcycles, gas-powered bicycles (who are these guys?) or…cars; yes, I saw a PT Cruiser motoring down the Dunsmuir Street separated lane on the day it opened in June”. Oh man, I once saw a car full of tourists on the Sea Wall near Lumberman’s Arch!

#Fail. US right-wing bloggers call for boycott of Campbell’s Canadian soup. Too bad they don’t even sell it in the States…

The Dependent writes another article about me! Just joking. “Newspaper may be dying, but there’s still a large demand for good journalism, and faux-web journalists are not meeting that demand, either because of partisan bias, lack of reporting skill or lack of writing ability, and often some combination.”

Not sure if you guys knew this but the rent is too damn high.

The True Story of the Stanley Park Swans. Turns out they are spies.

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  1. Good point about the money collected from the drunk driving fines…. surely that would easily fund late night buses and a later Skytrain schedule.

    Shouldn’t MADD be pushing for this? Maybe I’ll write them…