Two Years After The Storm

While Jack was in school today Michelle and I took Pip to survey how the western side of Stanley Park was coming along nearly two years after the terrible storm that knocked down thousands of her trees.

The area around Prospect Point is still a shocker. No matter how many times I drive through that area it still amazes me that we can not just see the ocean but also all the way out to Lighthouse Park and beyond to Vancouver Island. According to Wikipedia, 60% of the trees were damaged in this area, and it shows. It looks like a bomb went off and then a drunken clear cut party laid waste to whatever was left with rusty chainsaws and nail files. Deeper in the park the carnage is less noticeable, with clearings hear and there already showing sprouts (lots of new trees growing on the stumps of old ones, and underbrush so thick as to be impassible). It was a wet, foggy day and much fun was had, especially with the Wellingtons on. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves (it’s 10% larger than New York’s Central Park!), save for the occasional squirrel and the ever-present, ever-menacing murder of crows.

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  1. Great update and photos. I’ve been keeping tabs on the park’s progress over the last few years as well. I’ll need to check back soon to see if that *one* part of the seawall I’m watching has been repaired yet 😉

  2. Looks like things are starting to come back. I hope to get into the park for a run and see for myself. I haven’t made it to the west side of the park on foot since the storm, but the east side seems to have retained most of its character.

    Great photos, by the way!