This Meat Was Grown in a Lab. Would You Eat It?

(via) So-called slaughter-free “clean meat” – or meat grown from cells rather than cut from butchered animals – is some straight up freaky stuff. But even though scientific progress can seem bizarre and borderline anathema when we’re on the cutting edge of it, I’m super curious about the flavour of the foie gras they’re growing in San Francisco, where the real stuff is banned.

Food scientists and startups are trying to make meat more ethically appealing by growing it — cell by cell — in a lab instead of on a farm. Even some vegans support so-called “clean” meat. But can lab grown meat overcome the dreaded “yuck factor?”

Curb your disgust and prepare to be fascinated…

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  1. This looks very much like Quorn,(??) which is getting a very bad name in the UK since although its manufactured from culture-grown materials, many people have reacted poorly to it, but its used extensively in School Lunches and similar. I asked family members if they could refuse to have this included in their kids school lunches, and the answer is yes…but it was originally marketed as a safe VEGAN alternative to meat. Do check this out, especially if you are travelling in the UK, since it appears to be often used in spaghetti sauce and similar where its not easy to tell from meat, and there are NO REQUIREMENTS to tell people what they are being served

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