On Servers Ripping Off Guests and Precarious Masculinity in the Kitchen

Hold onto your spit buckets, wine-o’s. It grossly turns out your backwash has a use after all!

Munchies talks to a server experienced in the ways of ripping off guests on wine.

From hotdog trays to millenial pink mugs to Haitian rum, Eater’s got you covered for all of your foodie-based gift giving needs.

Similarly, check out Bon Appetit’s annual gift guide for everything from great finds under $50 to more splurge-worthy items.

As we head into peak holiday season, one chef shares his go-to hangover cure to get yourself through all the booze-filled festivities.

Blueberries are the healthiest fruit in the world: fact or marketing ploy? The Atlantic investigates.

Eater takes a closer look at why the restaurant industry has been such a hotbed of hostility towards female chefs and employees at all levels.

“Why are restaurant kitchens, especially high-end kitchens, so persistently male, and why are they so inhospitable to women who seek to join their ranks? Behind the history of all-male brigades is an effort to distance restaurant cooking from home cooking, the result of a phenomenon some sociologists call ‘precarious masculinity.'”

Head on over to Broadway and Cambie where the City of Vancouver is requesting residents’ input for preventing coffee cups and other recyclables from heading to the landfill.

Looking for ways to reduce food waste at home? Food Republic shares a few pasta recipes that make great use of food scraps.

On a similar note, with the use of two food waste apps, Vice’s Rebecca Tucker spends one week exclusively eating food headed for the landfill.

“In Toronto, two apps by the name of Feedback and Flashfood aim to give consumers access to food that would otherwise be thrown out—like UberEATS meets dumpster diving—by allowing restaurants and grocery stores, respectively, to list foods that they’re about to pitch at steep discounts.”

Worldwide demand for butter has caused a shortage in the motherland and Paris is none too pleased.

Strange restaurant concepts abound these days, but a prison-themed restaurant? That’s certainly a new one to me!

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a new law banning fast food restaurants from opening within 400 meters of schools. The decision is a result of a rising obesity rate among the city’s children.

The Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby visits the recently rebranded Yuwa (previously Zest) to find much of what was loved about the previous incarnation, remains- namely good food in a calm atmosphere.

Chipotle’s CEO stepped down this past week. I suppose that’s what happens when your restaurant chain causes widespread E. coli and norovirus outbreaks.

This week in strange food news, Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s recent engagement over roast chicken has sparked interest in a classic recipe said to be so good it inspires men to get down on one knee (it’s literally called “Engagement Chicken”).

Planning a trip to Tofino? The Georgia Straight has you covered with this roundup of all the best spots to eat and drink during your visit.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @oh_sweet_day. May we all be gifted a box of cookies this stunning for the holidays.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring.

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  1. Your link to an article about a person who claims to be a waiter, and works in a restaurant that people do not really go to to eat in, is a sad story of how to serve wine if you do not know how to, and just furthers the sad generalization that servers are predatory. There is so much about that article that is wrong. Frankly, I sell things that are better, not more expensive. Sometimes we even do not give them what they want, but what they need. It may be a cautionary tale for guests, but it really just exposes a lousy server and his modus operandi.

  2. Agreed, Jahvay, and good on you for picking up on it. Sometimes I drop a link into Talia’s column if I think it’ll spark some conversation. This was one of those times. I know the waiter in question (the type, I mean), and he’s a bastard. I believe it’s important that attention is occasionally drawn to them, not only as a gut-check to the floor side of the industry (and the management thereof) but also so that diners are reminded that they’re still out there!

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