On Leaking Maple Syrup and Categorizing the Worst Kinds of Food Snobs

The Atlantic reveals that your favourite autumnal dessert may not, in fact, contain any real pumpkin at all!

The Georgia Straight breaks down the exclusive Gaoler’s Mews pop-up experience behind L’Abattoir in Gastown.

Munchies pays a visit to Seattle and rounds up some classic food and drinks spots.

Eater takes a closer look at the most recent reports of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry.

“According to a report by the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, 70 percent of female restaurant workers and some 50 percent of male employees say they ‘experienced some form of sexual harassment‘ from managers.”

One of the best bars in the world is serving up some seriously crappy beer (namely Coors Banquet). Owner Sam Roos explains why.

Fear not, fellow Vancouverites! While regular summer farmer’s markets may have come to an end, you can still find some of your favourite local produce at the winter markets on weekends!

Bon Appetit breaks down the most popular candy by decade. Who knew Butterfinger had been around since 1923!?

This week in food and science: popcorn lung is a real thing folks! So the next time you’re popping a bag of Orville Redenbacher in the microwave, think twice before taking a big whiff of that salted, buttery goodness!

Canada is leaking! Maple Syrup is the latest trend in autumn bevies and Esquire Magazine has a few cocktail recipes using our favourite sappy sweetener!

From “The Intrepid Forager” and “The Name Dropper” to “The Bourdrain Disciple” and “The Trend Humper”, Thrillist ranks their picks for the worst types of food snobs.

Got some extra Halloween candy hanging around? The folks at The Kitchn have a recipe to help you put those sweet leftovers to good use.

The story behind Nemesis Coffee’s adorable, glowing upside-down heart brand.

Questions arise around diversity in the Michelin Guide as the coveted stars are rarely awarded to female-led restaurants:

“Michelin is often criticized for the lack of diversity among its guides…. in NYC, just eight percent of the 2018 starred restaurants have female head chefs, while San Francisco and Chicago are at 20 percent and D.C. at zero.”

Want to get your hands on a piece of culinary history? Internationally-acclaimed Noma is auctioning off dishes and furniture.

Could you live on $19/week? Activists across the province are participating in the Welfare Food Challenge to raise awareness around food insecurity, particularly for people on Income Assistance.

The Globe and Mail’s Alexandra Gill sings the praises of Kitsilano’s Oddfish in her three star-review.

“Oddfish Restaurant is not a stunning beauty with glorious ocean views. The chalkboard menu is limited. The cooking is pretty straightforward. But when it comes down to pure satisfaction on the plate, there is nowhere else I’d rather go out for seafood.”

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @hangryhippovancouver because few things beat the perfect river of egg yolk flowing over a brunch bowl!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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