On Consent Culture and Building a Monument to Vancouver’s Stolen Bikes

Me Too: Hollywood North: ‘This is an abusive industry for women’. It’s not just the film industry. It’s everywhere, including the restaurant industry. All I can say is I believe survivors. I believe you and I’m sorry to have ever taken part in its normalization. I promise to listen and to learn.

That it takes Hollywood to finally start to listen to these women is a shame: Nation’s women running out of ways to say “YEAH OF COURSE IT’S HAPPENED TO ME!”

Event of the day: Towards a Consent Culture by The Consent Crew.

Related: Vancouver nightclub sued over rape, destroying evidence.

Meanwhile, “Coercing a woman out of a burqa is as bad as coercing her into one. Viewing gender in this way, shorn of social, political and economic context, makes it an issue of identity, a battle of props and costumes” – Arundhati Roy in What you need to know about Quebec’s religious neutrality legislation.

You need to know that this is what the Quebec legislature looks like.

In August, Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée proposed amendments that make the legislation apply to municipalities, metropolitan communities and public transit organizations. That means, according to the justice minister, anyone who rides a bus or the Metro must be unveiled.

Wow, does this include police who cover their faces? What about Nurses? And fucking scarves? I hear it’s cold in Quebec. Special shout out to this bus driver. Solidarité.

Satire of the day: Quebec demands English Canada recognize its distinct racism. Spot on.

“Sure there is racism in Toronto and Vancouver but it’s that American style where cops harass black people or people appropriate Asian culture,” said premier Philippe Couillard. “Here we go for a more European, xenophobic style where we fear and oppress people wearing non-Christian religious symbols.”

Meanwhile, Singh’s Sikh-ness is still being singled out: Jagmeet Singh needs to get it straight on the Air India bombing: Jonathan Kay.

When asked specifically about Parmar, Singh said this: “I don’t know who’s responsible but I think we need to find out who’s responsible, we need to make sure that the investigation results in a conviction of someone who is actually responsible.”

Wow, did we watch the same interview? He was talking about the posters praising Parmar, not Parmar himself. He said he had no idea who was responsible for the posters. Terrible journalism.

Expect the Conservatives to hammer away on this now that they have aligned themselves with the alt-right: Conservatives name former Rebel Media director as 2019 campaign chair.

NPA calls mayor’s pre-sales policy ‘a bit racist’. I really don’t want to acknowledge the cynical hucksterism at play here, but stop conflating foreign ownership with race please. Thanks.

This is why referendums are a bad idea: Astroturf Group Run by Ex-Kellie Leitch Campaign Manager Targets BC’s Electoral Reform Vote. Voting is only confusing if you are a fucking mouth-breather who would vote for Kellie Leitch.

Opioid crisis needs treatment not harm reduction, says addiction specialist. Wow, the CBC really is on fire. A dumpster fire, that is. I can never understand when people pick one of the four pillars to criticize. They work in tandem. One doesn’t mean the absence of the other. People need to live long enough to get treatment.

‘Displacement is not beautiful’: Critics slam Westbank’s Fight for Beauty exhibition. Fight for housing.

Lol: Parks Board Unveils Monument To Stolen Bikes.

Dozens of people showed up for the unveiling. Most of them were there already and didn’t leave afterwards but the message rang out loud and clear. The monument says “We can’t do much but remember”. VPD will do their best to recover stolen bikes but there’s only so much they can do. There’s only so much anyone can do.

Bonus: Bandits in luxury cars stealing pumpkins in Richmond.

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