On Digging Up Ancient Sicilian Wine and Feeding First Responders in a Disaster Zone

Archaeologists have just dialled back the origins of Italian wine by at least a couple thousand years.

In a city that’s 80% African-American: white chefs are gravitating to the draw of cheap rent in Detroit and opening new, upscale concepts that most local residents can’t afford.

“Around 40 percent of the city now lives beneath the poverty line, and Detroit’s median income is $25,700, while the median incomes in of neighboring Livingston and Oakland County — where a disproportionate number of white developers, restaurateurs, and chefs working in the 7.2 live or hail from — are over $73,000 and $69,000, respectively.”

The Vancouver Sun’s Aleesha Harris sings the praises of Chinatown’s Kokomo – a new vegan concept serving up healthy fare to the health-conscious.

A first look at Victoria’s new Foxtrot Tango Whisky serving up top notch cocktails in a 1950’s LA inspired space.

An informative look at a Community Fridge in England used as a means to address food insecurity for local communities.

The use of chemicals and pesticides may be linked to higher rates of diabetes in American farmers according to The New Good Economy.

In a follow-up to last week’s story on the Washington fish farm that saw thousands of salmon escape, NPR reminds us why Atlantic salmon are being farmed on the west coast in the first place.

How local restaurants in Houston are banding together to ensure volunteers and first responders are fed through the flood.

Le Burger Week is in full swing and 11 local restaurants are participating in the handheld festival including Fable Diner, Vera’s on the Drive and The Pie Hole.

CBC weighs the risks and benefits of Whole Foods’ recent price drops as Amazon sets the grocery store up to compete with the likes of Walmart and Urban Fare.

The New York Times explores the woes of reservation apps as new start-ups attempt to hone in on the business of OpenTable.

This week in food history, a look back at the 1954 Potato Convention in Miami where the infamous tater tot was born!

Residents take to the beach, beer in hand, to call on the government to change it’s antiquated public drinking laws.

BC Living shares some of the best restaurants, foods and culinary events to check out this month including Market Mexico and award-winning drinks with Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year Kaitlyn Stewart.

Foodie fears rise in Britain as Brexit threatens the very supply chain that transformed the country’s relationship to food.

How our obsession with novelty is making it more and more difficult for the media to just report the facts about nutrition (which tend to be old news).

Eating via Instagram honours this week to go @cakebrain because it may be September but you have to savour every last bite of summer!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring this week.

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