On Cooking Gentri-Fried Rice And Taking It Slow With Ignorant Racists


by Sean Orr | What a terrible week. That Dine Out coincided with Bell’s hypocritical, corporate mental health initiative and Trump’s first week in office was a cruel and heartless joke. If you see me out in the world and I look 12 years older, you’ll know why.

US refugee ban: Canada’s Justin Trudeau takes a stand. Sort of. I mean, it’s not like we’re going to turn away a boat full of refugees away after the last time.

Or the time before that.

I guess it would asking be too much for Trudeau to condemn Trump’s immigration ban outright or suggest economic sanctions. I guess it would too much to cancel the Safe Third Country Agreement or have an emergency debate in parliament.

Maybe he’ll make a move if he gets enough retweets.

Because “not only are we in a new, more dangerous situation, but Canada is in fact 20th in the world when it comes to refugees admitted per capita. We admit one refugee per 2,000 residents; Sweden admits 1 for every 30, Austria 1 for every 20. We can, and must, do a lot better”. – Michal Rozworski

Because “in a world of Trumps, Putins, Duterte, and Mays, I’m just glad one world leader isn’t afraid to make empty statements in the name of liberal humanism”.

Maybe Trudeau should ask someone who knows how the Canadian government treats Muslim refugees:

Meanwhile, in the Toronto Sun: Trump’s plan to enforce border not racist. Jesus, where do I even start? Oh, I know: 1492.

And if you think that’s bad, here’s the CBC publishing a vile, apologist take on the hateful, xenophobic terror attack on a Quebec mosque: How to make a tragedy fit your desired narrative: Robyn Urback. To paraphrase: don’t grieve in your own way. Grieve only in the way we’ve prescribed. Don’t go on the internet. Don’t look for broader global patterns. Don’t think of any parables. In other words, don’t think.

Don’t be outraged by people like Richard “I’m not a neo-nazi” Spencer: Richard Spencer, White Supremacist, Trolls Trudeau Over Quebec City Attacks.

Don’t be like, “Hey, doesn’t Quebec have a large amount of far-right racist groups? Inside Quebec’s far right: Take a tour of La Meute, the secretive group with 43,000 members.

Because even though it was a racist, white, Quebecois named Alexandre Bissonette, the media will shift to the troubled lone wolf narrative. To recap:

Beaverton, for the fucking win: Kellie Leitch heartbroken that people would act on hate she’s incited.

There is a vigil in solidarity at Al Masjid Al Jamia Vancouver.

But back to Trudeau, who is surely delighted with Trump’s announcement that Keystone is back on the table: Justin Trudeau to protesters: ‘Allow me to continue my answer’. Hey Trudeau…I’ma let you finish, but you ran one of the best campaigns of all time! One of masterful cognitive dissonance. So much so that you can now say to a protester, “You’re not winning people over to your cause”, even when their cause is identical to the one you campaigned on! You will respect my authoritah!

Watch as he actually whitesplains to the indigenous community: Justin Trudeau pressed on Indigenous support at Saskatoon town hall. “Because most of the young people I’ve talked to want a place to store their canoes and paddles so they can connect back out on the land and a place with internet access so they can do their homework.”

Here is a cop saying to someone filming another cop’s tasering of a motionless black man: “he’s going to spit in your face, you’re going to get AIDS”: In One 90-Second Video, Toronto Cops Managed to Piss Off Nearly Everyone.

But hey, Canada isn’t all bad. Here’s proof:

Exhibit B: Watch: Justin Bieber crushed into glass by Chris Pronger.

Seen in Vancouver (Chinatown): “Gentri-Fried Rice……………………………$20.17”

Bonus: After 30 years with The Vancouver Sun, I’m signing off.

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